Predictive analytics in the cloud

6 Simple Tips to Enter Data Heaven for Predictive Analytics

It’s true, everyone who has done a data project knows it. Before you can enter the gates of data heaven, everyone has to battle through the often drudgery of routine data engineering. However, the war doesn’t begin there. There are many challenges on the journey to data heaven but to get your data right for your predictive analytics or data analytics project, you need begin with some simple steps to make life much easier later on.

Leveraging good data for data analytics and predictive analytics

In a feature article on Velocitize, we’ve revealed the 6 steps to data clarity to set you up for success during your data modelling or visualisations. It’s not hard to get this right and the tricks don’t require a team of consultants or expensive tools.

These are the steps you can take that we’ve seen have the biggest impact for our clients in a wide range of industries. They focus on actionable and easy to implement tips, that you will be able to do.

This will help prepare you for a successful data analytics or predictive analytics project. Read the full article here and find out how.

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