Interview with Evan Shellshear

An interview with Head of Analytics Dr Evan Shellshear on why a growing number of businesses turn to mathematical software to improve operations

An increasing number of businesses across a wide range of industries are embracing advanced mathematical software to help solve complex planning, scheduling, and operational challenges.  

Head of Analytics for Australian tech company Biarri Optimisation, Dr Evan Shellshear said as commercial mathematics technology grew more sophisticated over time, more businesses were realising it’s potential to deliver efficiency.

“We work with businesses to develop and utilise mathematical software that considers vast amounts of data and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enable better decision making,” Dr Shellshear said.

“Essentially the software ‘does the maths’ to produce data-driven solutions to specific challenges a business may be experiencing; from planning multi-million dollar capital projects to the optimisation of small transport fleets.

“In the past year alone, we have worked with more than two dozen businesses to develop mathematical engines with modern, fit-for-purpose cloud-based web applications.

“Some of the businesses we’ve worked with include Rio Tinto, Origin, Asahi, Swissport, Aurizon, NBN Co and Qld Cotton.”

“Across all these businesses, in the past year we’ve developed more than two dozen applications or specific projects to improve operations.

Dr Shellshear said the technology took a holistic view of the data to get the best outcomes, rather than just solve singular issues.

“The software programs are customised based on the needs of each business or project and use AI to offer solutions to minimise cost, better utilise resources and maximise efficiency,” Dr Shellshear said.

“The data collected and analysed can include supply chain data, staff scheduling and rostering, project budgeting or operational scheduling – everything is considered.”

“By rapidly running scenarios to analyse and quantify planning opportunities it is helping businesses make data-driven decisions to cut down on costs, better utilise resources and drive efficiency.”

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