About Andrew Grenfell

Andrew is the Biarri CTO. He is an optimisation expert and web developer, and oversees Biarri’s technical direction.

He first worked for Opcom, an Operations Research company (subsequently acquired by Carmen Systems, then acquired by Jeppesen, a subsidiary of Boeing). He developed desktop optimisation models and software and undertook many consulting projects in air, truck and crew scheduling. In 2009 joined Biarri as CTO, delivering mathematics solvers and analytical tools to clients via web browsers and Excel models, in various domains such as air cargo commitment management, rail asset usage and maintenance scheduling, network flow and supply chain modelling, vehicle routing and crew scheduling.

Entries by Andrew Grenfell

Another year, another successful BAM

The Biarri Applied Mathematics conference for 2014 has now concluded and the feedback we received has indicated that the event was an overwhelming success.  We had over 200 registrations and by our rough count approximately 120 people attended over the course of the two days that the event was held, at RMIT University, Melbourne. On […]

Sexy Graphs with nvd3

For a recent project I needed to implement some nice-looking graphs.  A colleague recommended the nvd3 library, which is built on top of the awesome d3.js package, so sexiness was all-but-guaranteed.  Here’s my experience with using nvd3. First, I found that there is no documentation for nvd3 per se (there’s plenty for d3).  Fortunately there […]

The Future of Research in Operations Research

New technologies, particularly Internet-enabled technologies like cloud computing and social collaboration tools, are changing how mathematics is done.  This post showcases some of these emerging trends and lays out a vision for how the research and practice of Operations Research in particular could be much more effective. Consider one of the most famous mathematical theorems […]

What Google Does Right

I’ve appreciated Google’s mission and its modus operandi for a long time now.  I’ve avidly read Planet Google, many Wired articles, and a number of blogs and other pieces about the company.  But what I want to address here is how Google provides a great user experience, what enables it as a company to follow […]

Displaying multiple KML files in CloudMade

The documentation for CloudMade’s Web Maps API is often a bit wanting. For example, a few pages consist of the words “Interface description coming soon…”  In any case, I wanted to load multiple KML files at once, and the way to get that working ended up being a bit unintuitive, so I thought I’d share […]

A build and test script in Python

I’ve recently created a script in Python for continuous get-build-test. It pulls the latest code from a Mercurial repository, builds a bunch of C++ projects, then runs pytest. The script demonstrates a few simple, but tasty Python techniques including: – parsing command line flags using optparse – using subprocess to run shell commands from Python, […]

Biarri Applied Mathematics conference a success!

The first Biarri Applied Mathematics conference, or BAM, was hosted by the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Queensland on Monday (Feb 22). The conference was a big success, with around 65 people attending, including industry representatives, academics and students. Dr Simon Dunstall from CSIRO won the prize for the best talk […]

Subscription payments

Selling things on the internet is quite easy and there are plenty of way to process credit cards and accept online payments. However subscriptions / recurring payments aren’t easy. They aren’t easy at all. Subscription changes, card failures, multiple subscriptions for a single user (different workbench products in our case) and multiple currency billing make […]