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An interview with Head of Analytics Dr Evan Shellshear on why a growing number of businesses turn to mathematical software to improve operations

An increasing number of businesses across a wide range of industries are embracing advanced mathematical software to help solve complex planning, scheduling, and operational challenges.   Head of Analytics for Australian tech company Biarri Optimisation, Dr Evan Shellshear said as commercial mathematics technology grew more sophisticated over time, more businesses were realising it’s potential to […]

AI Driven Business Decisions

As COVID descended upon the assisted care industry, many were unsure how they would survive. Providing education services for children with disabilities such as autism is not something that can be easily carried out remotely. As the healthcare crisis mushroomed into a potential years long drama, people were questioning whether the service providers could even […]

Creating team friendly rosters and the benefits for everyone

Introduction Creating rosters can be a complex task.  This is especially the case for difficult large workforces with a range of  employee preferences, combinations of full time, part time and casual team members, the need to adhere with EBA rules, fatigue, skills and competence requirements , meeting or exceeding customer service levels while always operating […]

Australia’s Data Analytics Challenge

As companies enter 2021 with a focus on returning to some form of normality, the strategic momentum continuing from 2020 into this year is the importance of data and digital.  However, in spite of many companies upgrading their data and digital capabilities, much opportunity has not been realised and organisations we are talking to, especially […]

Modelling Patient Flow to Improve Service Delivery

Running a hospital is a highly complex activity. There is not one division with one need, however, hundreds of areas are highly interconnected and all rely on each other to deliver life saving outcomes. Patient flow in such a complex system is a serious challenge. In 2019 alone, there were over 11 million separations in […]

What is a dollar of Education worth?

Every year, over 16% of the Australian population enrol in schools across the country. Some of these students choose to pay for their education, whilst others don’t. Inevitably, a discussion will arise regarding whether there is any real academic advantage in a more expensive education; the age-old private vs public debate. Due to the swift […]

Optimised Health Care Rostering as a Managed Service

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the most important aspect of our health care systems has been put to the test – people. It has resulted in longer work hours for all, with leave blocked out for the next foreseeable future and put an enormous strain on an already strained system – both emotionally […]

AI Driven Digital Transformation

Part 2 Part 1 is here. Finding an AI Suitable Business Problem About a year ago, I began working on one of my most difficult projects for the Victorian Government. It was a project that quickly looked like it would end in a consulting train wreck and possibly cost me my career. The project began […]