About Ash Nelson

Ash is one of the founders of the Biarri group of commercial mathematics companies.

He spends his days finding new ways to help customers solve complex planning and operational challenges with smart maths, IT and design.

Entries by Ash Nelson

Are you our new Front End Developer?

We’re hiring, so if you’re a front end developer, then you’re in the right place. We’re always looking for motivated and friendly front end developers but we have a number of wonderful front end projects that need some love and attention right now. The projects are multifaceted and exciting and you’ll be working with some […]

BAM2018 is on

Join us at the most fun maths conference of the year It’s been two years and it’s back on again: the Biarri Applied Mathematics conference – BAM 2018 – is the top maths conference in Australia. The who’s who in mathematics and industry are coming. Have you got your tickets yet? Time is running out […]

The business of Biarri

At Biarri we build mathematical optimisation products and models and we have also been building up the business over the past two years from very humble beginnings. Below are a few more of the business lessons we have learnt growing a tech start up in Australia. 1. Get some rhythm – we have used the […]

Tech Start Up Business Lessons

Biarri commenced as a commercial maths start up almost two years ago. In this time we have learnt a lot. We focus hard on deploying optimisation and quantitative analytics in accessible ways to deliver the power of mathematics quickly and cheaply. Our just launched workbench (www.biarriworkbench.com) is a great example of this – providing monthly […]