Entries by Ash Nelson

Drawing figures for scientific publications

I recently had to modify a picture (figure) as part of a resubmission to an academic journal. The picture was created using XFig some time ago. XFig is one of the most widely used applications for creating figures for academic publications, and easily the best application I have used for this purpose. Its ability to […]

Well Done Nick and Daryl – Maths Prize Winners

Daryl Bruce and Nick Vaskrsic both won awards at the recent RMIT Mathematical Sciences Awards Night.  Daryl won the Operations Research Prize and Nick won the Mathematics Rising Star Prize.  Both of them currently work as part-time business analysts and route optimisation planners for Biarri. It is great to see the guys doing so well […]

The Wonders of Python

I recently wrote a little code generator in Python that takes in a schema file in XML format and expands out specially marked up tags inside C++ code. It was my first real industrial strength use of Python and (for this C++ veteran at least) I was amazed at how much I could accomplish in […]

Managing Database Connections “with”

I’m using a pool to manage database connections. I decided to change from having per thread database connections to have per function database connections. I was unsure of how to do this elegantly and thought decorating the the functions might be the best approach. However I really wanted to have local variables defined: enter context […]

Flexible authentication with cherrypy and repoze.who

I recently struggled with the amazing lack of clear examples on how to setup an easy, flexible and effective authentication and authorization system with cherrypy. The solution: Repoze.who and the cherrypy wsgi pipeline. So you define a function that returns the middleware: def setup_auth(app): middleware = PluggableAuthenticationMiddleware( app, identifiers, authenticators, challengers, mdproviders, default_request_classifier, default_challenge_decider, log_stream […]

The benefits of hosted solutions

Cloud computing offers many advantages over more traditional software channels. There is an interesting analogy here between computing power and electricity (elucidated well in the book The Big Switch: rewiring the world, from Edison to Google by Nicholas Carr 2008) – cloud computing offers computing power and business applications served up from a “centralised power […]

Accessibility – at work every day

The posts below describe Biarri’s approach to deliver optimisation through accessibility of a number of different channels. Whether it is modelling in excel, a Biarri inside engine, by using the Biarri Workbench or even a managed service – these are all great ways for businesses to quickly and affordably benefit from the power of optimisation […]

Accessible Engines: Biarri Inside

From the start Biarri has been committed to providing easy access to powerful optimisation.  Our focus at inception was twofold being: Custom optimisation models delivered through consultancy projects and To deliver task specific engines made available on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis via the “Biarri WorkBench” (WB). The strong demand for our analytical […]

Michael Forbes at the SMART Research Forum

Michael Forbes, Biarri Optimisation Expert, presented on “An Integrated Approach to Supply Chain Redesign: Team, Process and Tools” at the SMART Research Forum in Sydney in June. He examined how rapid and effective supply chain redesign requires a team representing all stakeholders; a process that identifies, quantifies and implements practical savings and tools that produce […]