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Your AI Driven Digital Transformation

Part 1 Even in the world’s best operating theatres, patient outcomes depend on more than the surgeon or their equipment. Currently in hospitals around Australia, when and even whether you see a surgeon isn’t due to a medical expert but a booking clerk. To understand how this works, the following diagram outlines the current process […]

The State of AI in Marketing

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) permeates almost every part of every business, it is important to stop and review how AI can help you do your job better. One field that has been dramatically affected is marketing and so it was timely that WP Engine has now brought out a survey with Smoothmedia and Vanson Bourne […]

Join us at the Biarri Applied Mathematics Conference at UQ

Join us this year at the BAM2019 conference to find out how to make better decisions with maths. It’s only been one year and it’s back on again by popular demand: the Biarri Applied Mathematics conference – BAM 2019. This event has been heralded as the top applied maths conference in Australia. You’ll find out […]

BAM2019 is on!

Join us at the most fun maths conference of the year Strategy, innovation, operational success and a good bottom line all rely on one thing – good decisions. Not only that but fast, data driven decisions too. As time runs out, the data sets are multiplying creating the paradoxical situation of making decisions harder.  But […]

New Workforce Rostering Feature – Leave Management Calendar

Biarri has now released the first new feature as part of the wider demand from our customers around management enhancements. Specifically, the web-based calendar view of roster requests is now available as a potentially more intuitive alternative to the existing table view. For those who have seen the mockups of this screen it should look […]

The New Automated and Optimised Rostering State of the Art

In this post we wanted to introduce everyone to our new and updated workforce rostering tool. Biarri Workforce is a cloud-based rostering solution that exists to simplify and automate the production of rosters for shift workers. The sophisticated auto rostering module produces cost optimised rosters that cover demand, while considering and balancing multiple objectives. Rules […]

Biarri Expands to Europe

2019 has been a big year for Biarri. All divisions have been growing strongly with over 20 new team members in 2019 alone. The largest part of this has been in Australia but the growth has also seen the establishment and solidification of our overseas bases – especially in Europe. Welcome Our New London Office […]

The Current Status of the Brisbane AI scene

Brisbane has always been the home of good weather, great beaches close to the city and an enviable outdoor lifestyle, however, now it has something new – a blossoming Artificial Intelligence (AI) scene. From the outside sunshine, now to the inside monitor glow, read on to discover some exclusive insights on the Queensland capital’s thriving […]

SaaS Optimisation vs Traditional Approaches

SaaS Optimisation solutions have become a necessity in modern business. These solutions don’t just result in lower costs, better products, and ease of use, but better customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and streamlined business processes. Gartner predicts the SaaS market to be $85.1 billion globally by 2019, up from $72.2 billion in 2018. While much of […]