About David Philpot

David Philpot has a PhD in artificial intelligence. He has over 15 years experience writing software and developing complex algorithms and mathematical models. This software has been used by numerous clients across many industries to enable them to achieve greater efficiencies and realise substantial cost savings.

Entries by David Philpot

Mitigation by Iteration – Facilitating the Optimisation Journey

For companies to remain competitive, they require smart systems that solve their unique day to day business problems. However, when applying these systems many decision makers get lost in the complexity due to limited communication and collaboration within the implementation process. We are at the cutting edge of the latest optimisation methodologies and web technologies. However, […]

Grounding the complexity to Fly in Fly Out management

Being able to close the labour and skill gap is a critical factor in sustaining growth and maximising profitability for remote operations. It is imperative that companies have the tools and skills available to unravel the complexity to FIFO management. FIFO workforces are commonly used by large infrastructure and resource projects in remote regions including […]

Cross Platform Development By David

I was involved in the development of a ‘simple’ application in C++ in windows and wanted to get it work in multiple versions of linux as well. By ‘simple’, I mean there is no windows GUI or links to other complicated third part libraries so a lot of the C++ should just port straight over […]

Debugging Internet Traffic

Below are some tools and thoughts that may be useful to people who are having difficulties trying to debug issues related to internet traffic. There are a number of other tools (e.g. Firebug, Wireshark/ethereal, etc) that are not mentioned below. However I thought a quick one pager on some of the tools that I have […]