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Biarri Supporting AMSI Optimise 2018

Another year, another AMSI Optimise! We love this event. Its a perfect opportunity for people who want to network within the mathematical optimisation community across both academia and industry, and public or private practitioners who are interested in the benefits of collaboration with operations research. We are proud to be the AMSI Optimise industry sponsor […]

Maths and Machine Learning for Agribusinesses

Mathematics powered by computers is changing the world we live in. At Biarri we see this everywhere, across every industry, and I’m sure you do too. Recently we have delivered a number of Machine Learning and Mathematical Optimisation solutions for Agriculture businesses in Australia and were fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the recent […]

The Biarri Score: Predictive Analytics for better integrated healthcare

Many Health and Hospital services around the world have introduced integrated care activities to coordinate Primary (Community and GPs) and Secondary (Hospitals) care levels in order to increase the effectiveness of care being provided at all levels.  Biarri delivered a predictive data analytics solution which successfully identified hospital patients in the community who were most […]