Join us as we end the year with a BAM! 

BAM is back!

After 3 long years, The Biarri Applied Mathematics Conference is back, and this year we are excited to be co-hosting with The University of Sydney. Since its inception in 2012 at the University of Melbourne, The BAM Conference has grown in popularity as we continue our mission to provide you with insights into how companies apply optimisation and other mathematical techniques to solve problems in the real world.

Why come?

The Biarri Applied Mathematics (BAM) is a conference that bridges the gap between mathematics in academia and industry. We bring together guest speakers from a broad range of backgrounds and interests – from University Research to Commercial Applications. 

BAM2022 will be jam-packed. You’ll watch expert discussions, see pioneering mathematics in action, rub shoulders with thought leaders and interact with your peers. The incredible lineup of speakers includes industry leaders from some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading organisations, as well as academics and researchers from the University of Sydney (and other universities). 

What is the theme for BAM2022?

The limits of predictability 

In the current age of AI, data and digitisation, lofty promises are made with respect to the capability of data-driven and analytical digital systems. Unfortunately, the world is a complex place, and as powerful as current modelling capabilities are, there are unarguable limits to our analytical capabilities.

This conference will explore those limits and help participants understand how mathematical techniques are defining, expanding and helping us understand our analytical limits better than ever before. Come and hear examples of projects and case studies of both successful and failed attempts to realise mathematical modelling in a variety of scenarios.

The event will help participants understand where analytical techniques can be successful and where the complexity, randomness or non-linearity of the system is too great, even for the most powerful tools we have today.

How can I register? 

In-person tickets are limited, so get in quick if you want to join us face-to-face. Visit our website ( to register. The conference will also be streamed live – if you can’t make it to the event in person, register as an online attendee!

Get your free tickets today!

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