Biarri Supporting AMSI Optimise 2018

Another year, another AMSI Optimise! We love this event. Its a perfect opportunity for people who want to network within the mathematical optimisation community across both academia and industry, and public or private practitioners who are interested in the benefits of collaboration with operations research.

We are proud to be the AMSI Optimise industry sponsor for the 2018 theme, ‘Decision Making Under Uncertainty & Humanitarian Applications’ and will have several Biarri-ites attending, as well as one of our co-founders, Joe Forbes, speaking on the topic of Optimisation Under Risk on Day 1.

At Biarri, we recognise the power of Commercial Mathematics is drawn from connecting with the brightest mathematicians and statisticians, and this is one of the great opportunities we have to find hungry people to grow with us solving complex problems for big businesses!

Register now to learn more about AMSI, the latest progress in Operations Research and network with a wide range of academic and industry communities.

See you there!

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