The Biarri Workbench

Supporting Powerful Maths and Simple Software to deliver accessible optimisation

The Biarri Workbench is an intuitive web based platform designed to simplify complex optimisation tasks.

It is a platform for rapidly deploying and developing custom optimisation software over the cloud. 

Powering all Biarri tools, software and engines through clean design, prescriptive linear workflows and custom visualisation widgets you can be sure to start cutting down on planning effort and begin optimising your business processes.

The Biarri Workbench

The Workbench is Customisable.

Built from the ground up to allow for rapid, bespoke deployment of software, built for your specific optimisation requirements.

The Workbench is Scalable.

Regardless of business size or project complexity, through cloud based delivery, and bespoke software solutions built around your requirements, there is no more one size fits all approach.

The Workbench is Accessible.

Empowering you to reduce your companies IT footprint and access world class optimisation anywhere, anytime, on any device.

The Workbench is Powerful.

At the core of the Workbench are multiple, complex mathematical engines. This means you can be certain in the justification around your decision making.

The Workbench is Easy To Use. 

Through simple linear workflows, and customised visualisation widgets anyone in your business can easily master your software, reducing the need for long training and workforce upskilling.

The Workbench is Efficient.

Cloud based software delivery gives you the power to determine who sees what the data when– providing you with more control and rigour over your optimisation processes.

What does this mean for your business?

  • Help us Identify the problem
  • Let us formulate a solution
  • Let us design the UI and workflows
  • Let us build the product
  • Let us support, and maintain the software

Want to learn what this means for your business?