Biarri Workforce New Feature: Updated Shift Swaps

At Biarri we understand the challenges that Workforce Planners and employees face when rosters are published. We understand that circumstances outside of work may change and affect the ability for an employee to complete a shift, conversely, Workforce Planners’ and Managers’ pain point of finding a replacement to cover a shift or reconfiguring the roster to suit. 

We have listened, and Biarri is excited to introduce the new enhanced Shift Swap feature on our Biarri Workforce Mobile App.

Created out of necessity, employees can now more simply either Swap Shifts or Offer Shifts to other available employees.

When swapping a shift, we’ve removed the stress of trying to identify which employees are available. Instructed by the rules engine, the Biarri Workforce App generates a list of compatible  employees to cover a shift. These compatible employees comply with rules defined in the Admin Tab, ensuring employees are compliant with skills & qualifications, fatigue and availability rules. 

See a step-by-step walkthrough of how simple swapping shifts has become.


1. My Work Screen

Once rosters are completed they are released to the Biarri Workforce Mobile App. Employees can view their upcoming shifts. By tapping on shifts, employees are able to see more details and initiate a swap.

2. Shifts Details Screen

Tap “Can’t work” to initiate a shift swap. Employees have the opportunity to either Offer Shifts or Swap Shifts with other employees.

3. Offer Shift Screen

Select who to offer this shift to from a list of compatible employees. Compatibility is based on qualifications, availability, and fatigue rules.

4. Swap Shifts Screen

Select shifts to offer to swap with from a list of compatible shifts. Compatibility is based on qualifications, availability, fatigue rules etc

5. Available Shifts Screen

See available shifts that you can offer to work.

Shifts are either open to pick up directly or associated with swap requests.

6. Accept Open Shift Screen

Review open shift details and offer to cover if you wish to work this shift.

7. Accept Shift Swap Screen

Review shift swap request details.

If you wish to accept this swap request, select one of your shifts to offer in return.

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