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Biarri’s Student Invitational 2014

Last Thursday night we held our first Student Invitational which by all accounts appeared to be a hit! The event was attended by 18 enthusiastic students from The University of Queensland 4th year Mathematics Honours programs.

Biarri Student Invitational 2014

Students were provided with an opportunity to engage with a commercial mathematics environment and to discuss opportunities for Mathematics graduates post University. Ellie, Rav and Andrew offered some personal insights into the transition from University to life as professional mathematicians and provided a sneak-peek at some of the exciting and challenging projects that they are currently working on.

Biarri Student Invitational 2014 02

The feedback from the students has been very positive and Biarri is proud to take an active role in building connections between academia and business by fostering emerging talent and helping to promote Mathematics as an exciting career option.

Biarri Student Invitational 2014 03

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