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Python Web App Developer

Biarri Optimisation is seeking a Brisbane-based Python Web Application Developer to help us create amazing Web Apps and APIs.

Biarri Optimisation is an innovative Commercial Mathematics company that delivers powerful, easy to use decision support and optimisation-powered web applications that help businesses become more efficient.

Scope of Work:

  • Assisting project teams on delivery of specifications in a dynamic environment.
  • Interacting with clients for requirements gathering, project delivery, and software support
  • Implementing server side code for web apps and APIs in Python.
  • Creating and maintaining internal libraries inspired by real world scenarios.
  • (Optional) Developing optimisation engines (Mathematical Programs, heuristics, etc) using high performance Python.


The successful applicant will have a tertiary qualification and three or more years experience in commercial software development.

Target Skills:

Experience and proficiency in the core areas (Python language and libraries, web app frameworks and database tools and general software engineering skills) are most important. Experience in preferred and/or optional areas will be well received, however is not necessary for a successful applicant. Applicants should expect to learn skills in at least one of the preferred/optional areas while on the job.

Python Development (essential):

  • Good all-round understanding of Python and its libraries
  • Core libraries:
  • Web App Frameworks (we use Django) and REST principles
  • ORM libraries
  • Other libraries:
  • Unit testing framework (we use Pytest)
  • Task queue libraries (we use Celery)
  • Experience writing performance intensive Python code (preferred)

Programming/Development Skills (essential):

  • Linux experience
  • Database design (SQL, although key/value and document DBs experience considered)
  • Web API design
  • Object Oriented Programming practices
  • Unit testing

Mathematics/Algorithms (optional):

  • Algorithmic design experience (either from CompSci or Applied Maths approaches)
  • Experience using alternative Python implementations e.g. PyPy

Does this sound like you?

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Biarri is an equal opportunity employer, so by coming to work for us, you’ll be part of an organisation that encourages diversity, supports charities and fosters everyone’s growth. We encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and people of all backgrounds to apply.