Big ben and bus in london

Biarri Expands to Europe

2019 has been a big year for Biarri. All divisions have been growing strongly with over 20 new team members in 2019 alone. The largest part of this has been in Australia but the growth has also seen the establishment and solidification of our overseas bases – especially in Europe.

Welcome Our New London Office

This year saw some of our most talented employees take the leap and establish a new home in London. They are spearheading a number of supply chain, workforce and health care activities while setting up base in the nation’s capital. This has brought Biarri closer to our customers in Europe, especially in the UK, now with the local team able to help them in their time zone.

It also means they now can enjoy Marmite instead of Vegemite as well as sleet, slush, whiteouts and snow instead of sun, sun and more sun. But best of all, London brings with it some challenges even for high calibre mathematicians such as standing on the left in the corridors but right on the escalators in the Tube.

If you happen to be close to the Big Ben, then drop by the team at 16 Great Chapel Street, London, W1F 8FL.

Welcome To Oslo

To complement the English team, Norway has also become a stronghold for the Biarri expansion. We are working there closely with a number of customers and in fact will be at one of the world’s largest shipping events in Norway, the Nor-shipping conference at stand A1-50.

The team has been preparing by eating surstromming (fermented fish served in a ready to explode tin that tastes like soap), cloud berries and elk tongue. They are more prepared than ever to meet the vikings in June at the shipping expo.

Where Next?

As Biarri continues to grow we will continue to add hubs around the globe to help serve our customers close to where they are. Apart from Europe, there has been a lot of activity recently in North America so expect further updates on the additions to our offices in Denver and Chicago.

Healthcare Solutions Thumbnail

The Biarri Score: Predictive Analytics for better integrated healthcare

Many Health and Hospital services around the world have introduced integrated care activities to coordinate Primary (Community and GPs) and Secondary (Hospitals) care levels in order to increase the effectiveness of care being provided at all levels. 

Biarri delivered a predictive data analytics solution which successfully identified hospital patients in the community who were most likely to readmit to hospitals. Statistical analysis proved the Biarri Solution is able to identify the top 1% of the population at risk of hospitalisation with 90% accuracy.

In January 2018, Ron Calvert, the CEO of Gold Coast Health and Hospital Services (GCHHS) was in the news recognising Biarri’s predictive analytics in the form of a ‘Biarri Score’, which predicts an individual’s likelihood of readmission to hospital with ‘remarkable levels of accuracy’. Check out the article here.

The Biarri Score is now in place in the Gold Coast University Hospital emergency department. Also, patient criticality scores are integrated into local GP practices to provide intra-facility collaboration of healthcare services and prevent unnecessary admissions.

This application of Commercial Mathematics has resulted in increasingly better identification of patient who are likely to readmit, in order to improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Care activities and reduce demand on emergency departments.


Get in touch to learn more about Biarri’s Predictive Analytics capability or to learn more about applicaitons of Commercial Mathematics in other areas!

Well Done Nick and Daryl – Maths Prize Winners

Daryl Bruce and Nick Vaskrsic both won awards at the recent RMIT Mathematical Sciences Awards Night.  Daryl won the Operations Research Prize and Nick won the Mathematics Rising Star Prize.  Both of them currently work as part-time business analysts and route optimisation planners for Biarri.

It is great to see the guys doing so well in their studies. All the best to everyone in the Biarri team who are currently in the midst of exams – good luck!

Michael Forbes at the SMART Research Forum

Michael Forbes, Biarri Optimisation Expert, presented on “An Integrated Approach to Supply Chain Redesign: Team, Process and Tools” at the SMART Research Forum in Sydney in June. He examined how rapid and effective supply chain redesign requires a team representing all stakeholders; a process that identifies, quantifies and implements practical savings and tools that produce accurate estimates of the potential gains together with realistic plans. In his paper he presented an approach distilled from many years of international consulting on major supply chain redesign projects. Keys to this approach are the wide number of roles represented in the project team and the appropriate application of well chosen optimisation tools. A case study was presented in which significant savings were produced very quickly.