Optimization to deliver efficient locomotive planning at KCS

Optimisation to deliver efficient locomotive planning at KCS

CHICAGO, UNITED STATES – FEBRUARY 2018 – Biarri Rail, a global provider of planning and scheduling software for freight railroads is pleased to announce a new contract with The Kansas City Southern Railway Company (KCS). The contract will see Biarri Rail deliver its cloud based locomotive master planning software — Boss MP Loco. The software will enable KCS to quickly plan and optimize locomotives, leading to improved efficiencies and utilization of critical railway assets.

Mike Walczak, KCS vice president strategic operational planning said, “We engaged Biarri Rail to perform a Proof-of-Concept using the Boss MP Loco software and this clearly demonstrated that we could use the software package to identify potential fleet efficiencies and help make strategic decisions on the deployment and positioning of our locomotive fleet.”

“For example, we were able to run multiple scenarios examining how many of our fleet could be equipped for Positive Train Control (-PTC) based on how and where we may choose to assign power on our cross-border trains that operate in both the US and Mexico.Our current locomotive planning tools do not provide optimization or “what if” capabilities to deliver the most efficient plan.”

“The Biarri Rail software has an intuitive user interface and powerful optimization algorithms, which will provide a step change in our planning capability. Based on the successful outcome of the Proof-of-Concept we are now implementing Boss MP Loco into our planning environment.”

Tom Forbes, Biarri Rail CEO said, “We are excited to be working with the team at KCS to drive this innovation with them. Boss is a new concept in railroad planning and scheduling software as it brings man and machine together; excellent algorithms, and simple user interfaces, that deliver real world results.

“This contract with KCS combined with the recently announced contract with TasRail in Australia really speaks to the flexibility of the Boss platform to provide value for railroads of differing sizes and types.”

About Biarri Rail:

Biarri Rail is a global leader in planning and scheduling software for Railroads and Rail Shippers. Through automation and optimization technologies Biarri Rail works to improve service delivery and reduce costs through the smarter utilization of critical resources.

Boss is a cloud-based platform for scalable Railroad and Rail Shipper planning, scheduling and operations software. Boss provides integrated planning across resources including train services, locomotives, railcars, yards and crew.

About Kansas City Southern:

Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., Kansas City Southern (NYSE: KSU) is a transportation holding company that has railroad investments in the U.S., Mexico and Panama. Its primary U.S. holding is The Kansas City Southern Railway Company, serving the central and south central U.S. Its international holdings include Kansas City Southern de Mexico, S.A. de C.V., serving northeastern and central Mexico and the port cities of Lázaro Cárdenas, Tampico and Veracruz, and a 50 percent interest in Panama Canal Railway Company, providing ocean-to-ocean freight and passenger service along the Panama Canal. Kansas City Southern’s North American rail holdings and strategic alliances are primary components of a railway network linking the commercial and industrial centers of the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Innovative Train Planning and Scheduling software for TasRail

Innovative Train Planning Software for TasRail

Biarri Rail is pleased to announce a new contract with TasRail. The contract will see Biarri deliver its cloud based master planning and scheduling software — Boss MP. The software will enable TasRail to quickly plan and optimise train schedules, locomotives, wagons and crew leading to improved efficiencies and utilisation of critical railway assets. Read more

Aerocare rostering system to boost work-life balance for shift workers

Aerocare rostering system to boost work-life balance for shift workers

Biarri, a global provider of mathematically powered web based software, systems and analytical tools today announced a new project to improve the work-life balance of employees of Australia’s leading airport ground handler, Aerocare.

The new project is stage two of the Aerocare Resource Optimisation System (AROS) rollout, which will see AROS produce rosters that are not only efficient but also maximise ‘likeability’ for employees and consider individual preferences.

Biarri Managing Director Ash Nelson said “Already early in its rollout, AROS has drastically reduced the time taken to produce rosters and provided gains for Aerocare in terms of aligning shifts with requirements, even as flight schedules change.”

“This next stage will ensure rosters are better optimised for individual Aerocare staff, enabling things like timely leave approval, automation of shift swaps and taking personal preferences into account.”

“Most unique in this process is the fact that we’re seeing a company making a significant investment in system enhancements that are focused purely on the wellbeing of employees,” Mr Nelson said.

Aerocare CEO Glenn Rutherford said: “We’re looking forward to using this powerful tool which we we expect will improve staff engagement, retention and service.”

“Shift work can be challenging for many reasons, and the ability to make rosters more predictable and better suit individual needs should have a big impact for our staff,” he said.

Features of the new system

Consideration for individual preferences, including:

  • Unavailable time to allow for study and other commitments
    • Preferences for working split shifts or not
    • Target number of hours
  • An optimisation engine designed to maximise ‘likeability’ of rosters including
    • Maximising the number of consecutive days off
    • Progression from early shifts to late shifts to minimise fatigue
  • Automation of shift swap approvals, enabling unlimited shift swaps
  • Improved timeliness of annual leave approval
  • Ability to improve equity of hours assigned to individuals with similar skills, experience and performance
  • Automation of staff notification for every change to their roster
  • Better visibility of rosters to supervisors so they can make better decisions about who to call in for additional work
  • Improved forecasting of recruitment requirements to avoid periods of staff shortage and oversupply and enable Aerocare to maximise hours allocated to people who want to maximise their earnings.

About Aerocare

Aerocare is the largest ground handler within the Australian and New Zealand region, with 3,000 team members currently servicing 3,200 flights per week and 41,200 passengers per day.

About Biarri

Biarri is an Australian based company that delivers mathematical optimisation and analytics capability through web-based applications around the world to help businesses deliver significant savings and better utilise their resources. With clients across many industries in Aviation, Rail, Transport and Logistics, Data Analytics and Energy, Mining and Infrastructure, Biarri ensures businesses spend less time worrying about IT and instead focus on making smart decisions quickly and easily.

Sports Analytics

KangaTech Is Hoping To Improve Injury Prevention In American Sports

As posted by Sport Techie Kangatech — A partner of Biarri, after proving their worth in the 2016 Australian Football League season has set new sights on the American Elite Sports industry.

In sports, injury prevention is one area that teams and players are constantly trying to improve. An Australian company called KangaTech is hoping that they have the formula to continue this improvement.

KangaTech was founded after North Melbourne Football Club of the Australian Football League launched a world leading sports science program. Headed by Steven Saunders, the goal was to get maximum benefit from the club’s limited resources. Saunders, who is known as one of the leading sports scientists in Australia, wanted to focus on measuring and tracking a number of proven, modifiable and easily testable risk factors, and then improve these risk factors through targeted intervention. In order to create the platform, Saunders and NMFC teamed up with a technology company called Biarri to create something that they felt didn’t yet exist.

KangaTech’s injury prevention platform is a combination of a cloud based software package and smart training equipment. The product is targeted at elite sporting teams, and allows them to better understand their athletes and their injury risk while providing targeted intervention to boost performance and reduce injuries. The KangaTech package includes a portable stainless steel frame, detachable dynamometers to measure the force, consistency and control so athletes are able to apply pressure against the frame in different positions, and unlimited user subscription to cloud based software and anonymous athlete data.

With help from scientific literature and Saunders’ years of experience, KangaTech was able to identify a number of key risk factors. The company worked with a local manufacturer to design and build equipment which allowed them to reliably and efficiently measure the risk factors through integrated smart sensors.

KangaTech Software in action

One of the Analytical Interfaces on the KangaTech Injury Prevention Platform

After development, the product was passed along to staff and players to help build a feedback system that could determine the platform’s effectiveness. Through the process KangaTech was able to identify that by providing real time biofeedback to the player they could improve the accuracy of their measurements and player engagement.

KangaTech has been used by NMFC since 2011 and since it was implemented the team has one of the best soft tissue injury rates in Australian sport. The KangaTech platform has been used to test and train 20 muscle groups throughout the ankle/foot, knee, thigh, hip, lumbo-pelvic, trunk, shoulder and neck regions.

According to Nick Haslam, KangaTech’s GM of Business Development and Strategy, “The feedback from players and sport science staff using the tool has been overwhelmingly positive. As the product provides real-time biofeedback of key muscle groups no product has ever previously been able to test, players are actively engaged in their training and injury prevention.”

The next step in KangaTech’s plan is to integrate their platform in American sports. “Adopting this product will allow American sporting teams to not only reduce the quality and frequency of soft tissue injures, it will allow American athletes the ability to train for longer, at a higher intensity, therefore improving their level of performance,” said Haslam.

KangaTech will be in the United States this week to pitch their product to American sporting leagues in hopes to give teams something to change the game when it comes to injury prevention. “We know that building stronger, healthier athletes that spend more time on the court/field gives teams a winning advantage,” said Haslam. KangaTech’s motto is “Understand. Intervene. Win.” They believe that their platform can help American sports teams do all three of these things.

Aerocare launches next-generation resourcing software

Aerocare launches next-generation resourcing software

Aerocare, Australia’s leading airport ground handler has today launched its new market-leading cloud based resource optimisation system, AROS.

Developed by Australian company Biarri based on Aerocare’s specific rostering principles, AROS will rapidly produce optimised rosters and expertly match shifts and skill sets with work demands.

Biarri’s CEO Tom Forbes said “It is exciting when we come across genuinely innovative companies that challenge the status quo by revolutionising their planning and operations through the application of commercial mathematics. The Aerocare team are truly visionary in their approach and through our partnership we’ve been able to deliver AROS– a real, innovative solution that will bolster Aerocare’s operations through the use of modern web applications and optimisation.”

Aerocare Chief Executive Officer Glenn Rutherford said: “Aerocare has a track record of developing game-changing software and we are confident that AROS is the best resourcing solution in the industry.”

Mr Rutherford said Aerocare had assessed numerous software solutions over the past 15 years and none had come close to exceeding the company’s existing rostering system.

“We opted to engage Biarri, a team of software developers and mathematicians, to create AROS from the ground up, adding greater speed and rigour to our existing rostering processes,” Mr Rutherford said.

“AROS will enable us to spend significantly less time producing more effective rosters which will ensure shifts are well aligned with requirements, even as flight schedules change.

“The system has a live link with airline schedules so we will be automatically advised when rosters need adjusting due to schedule changes.

“AROS will help us better ensure we have the appropriate team in terms of numbers, experience and skillset to meet our clients’ requirements for performance and efficiency.

“Our staff will now be even better supported to exceed performance expectations, and we will ensure efficiency and service is maximised, which is all critical to securing the future of our business in a highly competitive market,” Mr Rutherford said.

What is AROS?

Aerocare Resource Optimisation System (AROS) is a custom-built cloud based solution for optimising rosters, ensuring the most effective alignment between Aerocare’s people and work demands in terms of flights and passengers.

AROS has a live link with airline schedules so Aerocare will be automatically advised when rosters need re-optimising due to schedule changes.

AROS also links with Aerocare’s enterprise software AeroNet, enabling shift assignment to people and ensuring seamless connection with performance and other business reporting.

What are the results?

AROS very quickly works out the best possible scenarios considering safety, efficiency and service and drastically reduces the time taken to produce a roster.

For example, a roster that might have taken an airport manager two days to generate can now be produced, fully optimised, in less than 10 minutes, allowing managers more time to focus on the needs of customers and staff.

Next steps

Initial implementation is underway and AROS will be rolled out to the full Aerocare network at 35 airports over the coming months.

The next stage of development will focus on the system adapting to and supporting the day of operations, adjusting shift times and advising of potential issues in real time.

About Biarri

Biarri is an Australian based company that delivers mathematical optimisation and analytics capability through web-based applications around the world to help businesses deliver significant savings and better utilise their resources. With clients across many industries in Aviation, Rail, Transport and Logistics, Data Analytics and Energy, Mining and Infrastructure, Biarri ensures businesses spend less time worrying about IT and instead focus on making smart decisions quickly and easily.

About Aerocare

Aerocare is the largest ground handler within the Australian and New Zealand region, with 3,000 team members currently servicing 3,200 flights per week and 41,200 passengers per day.

The Biarri Applied Mathematics Conference 2016

3 Weeks to go until BAM and the Agenda is finalised!

We’re excited to announce that the agenda for the 2016 Biarri Applied Mathematics Conference has been released for the 2016 event.

Being only 3 weeks away don’t miss out on joining us for what will be an Australian mathematics event not to be missed!

What does the future of optimisation and maths look like?

A vibrant panel discussion into what optimisation and maths in industry will look like in the future will be on Day 2.  AI and The Internet of Things suggest we might all soon be embedded in an environment of ubiquitous algorithms, predictive analytics, and automated decision-making – what the are the dangers and opportunities of such a world?  Are industry and academia preparing people for this future?  Will it change how we think about Operations Research and related disciplines?

BAM Bringing the Australian maths community together

The agenda for BAM 2016 will demonstrate how we are using optimisation to keep our world moving.

We’ll hear from innovators and thinkers on how optimisation is making waves across a wide range of applications: from fleet design, coal systems and electricity networks through to healthcare, cricket and fibre optic networks.

The Biarri Applied Mathematics Conference 2016

Optimisation. For Real. The BAM Conference 2016

The world is changing around us. Optimisation– which used to be hidden behind closed doors is now at our fingertips shaping the way in which we live our lives, move our goods, and make our decisions. From healthcare, sports, transport and manufacturing through to the deployment of next generation fibre networks, optimisation is core to working in the 21st century.

We are excited to announce that the Biarri Applied Mathematics Conference is on again for 2016. Registrations are now open and this year the conference will be held in Brisbane, Australia, on June 28 and 29 at QUT Gardens Point with support from The Queensland University of Technology, The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute and Biarri.

The Biarri Applied Mathematics Conference is a free two-day event that brings together innovators, thought leaders, industry and students to bridge the gap between academia and practice. It’s a perfect opportunity for networking, seeing how maths is actually being applied in the real world and discovering the benefits in applying mathematical techniques across business.

This year we’ve got some awesome presentations that are set to make you think about how we can be doing things better:

  • Evan Shellshear, Simultek, How to beat the best at optimisation
  • Stephen Gay, MIDAS Tech International, Machine learning methods for mineral processing
  • Robin Pearce, University of Queensland, Extending the MIP toolbox to crack the Liner Shipping Fleet Repositioning Problem
  • Michael Forbes, University of Queensland, Reviewing the Decision Review System in Cricket
  • And much more.

Head over to the BAM website to find out more and register now! Join us this year to see real optimisation in action and learn about how it’s used to keep our world moving.


The new face of railway innovation

Brisbane, Australia – February, 2016 – Biarri Group, a global provider of mathematically powered web based software, systems and analytical tools, today announced the launch of Biarri Rail — a dedicated business specifically targeting the needs of the railway industry. Leveraging the wealth of experience, optimisation engines and tools built by Biarri over the past 8 years, Biarri Rail is focusing on empowering operators, managers and asset owners to become more efficient through tailored and powerful cloud based planning and live operations software.

Read more

AMSI Winter School 2015

Biarri supporting the AMSI Winter School 2015

Biarri is pleased to be sponsoring the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) and their 2015 Winter School Program which is being held at the University of Queensland from the 29th of June to the 10th of July.

The AMSI Winter School is a two-week program hosted by the University of Queensland designed for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the mathematical sciences and cognate disciplines. It provides the opportunity for participants to expand their skills in the mathematical sciences and build collaborative networks with other PhD students and early career researchers.

Biarri is passionate about supporting woman in mathematics and are we are pleased to see the two week program will also be home to a great Women in Mathematics networking opportunity. In the next few weeks we will also be releasing more information on another commitment to women in mathematics along side the University of Queensland so stay tuned!

Biarri is a long term sponsor of the AMSI Winter School and we have a long relationship with AMSI as well as many Universities within Brisbane and Melbourne. We strongly believe in mathematics and providing career opportunities for University students and graduates especially in relation to: statistics, predictive analytics, and operations research.

For more information on the AMSI Winter School head over to their website!

Good luck to everyone involved! 

About AMSI

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) is the collaborative enterprise of Australia’s mathematical sciences. It exists to give independence to our disciplines and provide infrastructure so that we can take initiatives on the national and international stage. These measures fall largely into three classes – research and higher education, school education and engagement with the industrial and commercial world.

About Biarri

Biarri is a commercial mathematics company that builds powerful mathematical systems through easy to use software delivered via the cloud. We strongly believe in the benefits mathematics can bring to day to day problems and it is our mission to make powerful mathematics accessible to all businesses!

Biarri and Savanna Energy

A modern approach to oil and gas logistical operations

Time is money in the drilling business. With the cost of drilling conventional and unconventional gas wells rising into the millions of dollars, reducing downtime and expediting setup time are critical to all stakeholders.

Biarri recently worked with the Australian division of Savanna Energy – a subsidiary of the Savanna Group, a premiere North American energy services provider headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Savanna Energy came in contact with Biarri through a referral from an existing client who recognised that Biarri offered a range of capabilities that could help solve Savanna’s unique supply chain and logistics problem.

Biarri built a cloud based Transport Request Tool that facilitates the movement of equipment and resources required by oil and gas well sites.The tool deals with Savanna’s challenge of maintaining satisfaction with the various Coal Seam Gas (CSG) proponents by effectively, and efficiently managing their communication.

Biarri and Savanna Energy - Audit Log

Tzara Ayton, Biarri Project Manager and Core Developer explained,

“The initial goal of the project was to develop a tool that would take Savanna’s existing fleet requirements and find the best way to automate the allocation process. However, it was quickly discovered that Savanna required a modern, operational tool that would make their day to day operations easier, and act as a platform to collect clean data so that Biarri could build an optimisation solution. As it turns out, Biarri was suited for this problem as we have strong capabilities in not only smart strategic systems, but intuitive and powerful operational tools.”

Stephen Baily, Transport Manager at Savanna Energy said,

“Biarri built an efficient system for the computerized booking of transport movements for Savanna Energy. The software delivered to us is an extremely workable, efficient and user-friendly product.

The new approach has allowed us to reduce man hours and gives us a quicker turn around on job tasks. It also allows us to track our vehicles and kilometres travelled at the click of a mouse.”


“We wanted to ensure that the implementation of a new Transport Request Tool added greater visibility, improved coordination between field services and supply, enhanced responsiveness and added rigour to standard operating procedures”

said Ash Guy, Design Lead and Core Developer.

Savanna had a clear focus on ensuring the Transport Request Tool was customised to their particular requirements and met stringent use criteria. It was important that any changes to systems or processes were accepted by Savanna staff. As result, all of the new interfaces were collaboratively designed to be consistent with formats that Savanna Planners were already familiar with.

Savanna’s old excel spreadsheets were replaced by an interactive gantt chart which displays truck assignments, and their designated driver. This process happens in real time. The visibility has been enhanced allowing the Senior Pusher to see across his entire fleet, identify what has been assigned and what hasn’t. It also feeds back validation information helping to prevent assignment of the same driver to two vehicles at the same time, overlapping jobs on the same vehicle and vehicle assignments going outside of the requested time bounds.

The new Transport Request Tool allows Savanna to track any changes made to each individual transport request. This is particularly relevant when last minute changes require hiring extra trucks to satisfy urgent demand. The improved level of granularity delivered within the tool means that Savanna can identify where last minute changes were made and charge an appropriate service premium.

Management also benefit from the improved visibility. It gives them a ‘birds-eye-view’ of what is going on everywhere within the supply chain. Risk is also better managed through an audit log which allows traceability across any changes that have been made with each request. This was a significant enhancement for Savanna who can now better track what was ordered when and determine the specific costs arising from last minute changes to the plan.

Biarri and Savanna Energy

Tom Forbes Chief Executive Officer at Biarri stated,

“Having a tool that facilitates accurate and consistent communication across all key logistical stakeholders is key in any business situation. Not only does the tool provide direct benefits to Savanna but it also produces clean, reliable data, so that we can find even more cost and efficiency savings within their business processes through value added optimisation.”

Savanna Energy now has access to files via the cloud ensuring far greater communication. The Transport Request Tool forms the core of the scheduling process and is a central resource across the organisation catering for all key stakeholders.

Stephen Baily said,

“My colleague and I worked closely with the Biarri team and they were able to tailor the tool to meet our specific requirements. They also allowed us to easily troubleshoot any obstacles that were presented. In all, a very professional and well-engineered product.”

If you wanted to find out more about how Biarri can help across your oil and gas operations, or how we can deliver savings across your entire oil and gas project, get in touch today!