Telco Network Design Solutions

Automation and Optimisation tech changing your rollout for the better

Introducing Biarri Networks

Biarri Networks removes the complexity of fiber network planning and design by
utilising modern technology, processes and algorithms to deliver proven deployment results.


Remove manual effort across planning and design critical decisions.


Support critical planning with data and design led decisions.


Centralize all rules to make anyone a network planning and design expert.

Better Fibre Network Planning

Start utilising critical data and real geospatial designs to support a more efficient end-to-end process and network planning decisions.

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Fibre Network Planning
Fibre Network Engineering

Better Fibre Network Engineering

Design in a more iterative and effective way through automation and optimisation to support in-field teams while speeding up delivery and reducing costs.

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Better Fibre Network Construction

Take your designs from initial planning through to high fidelity construction drawings and deliver a revenue generating asset sooner, that’s cheaper to build.

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Fibre Network Construction

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