Healthcare Optimisation

Supporting planning, scheduling and logistics decisions

Introducing Biarri Health

Biarri Health is a part of the Biarri Group of companies with a core focus on using
commercial mathematics and intuitive web applications to support leading healthcare businesses.

Biarri Score

Leverage predictive data analytics to make better patient care decisions.


Ensure people, assets and equipment are being optimally utilised.


Remove silos, connect data sets and make better decisions to drive efficiency.

Changing the game for Hospitals and GPs

Leverage Commercial Mathematics and predictive analytics to make better decisions across your entire operation.

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Staff Rostering

Commercial Mathematics to create optimised, robust and dynamic staff rosters.

Patient Forecasting

Predictive analytics ensures youre ready for the most likely outcome.

ER Readmission

Use the predictive Biarri Score to deliver more effective Integrated Healthcare.

Cost Prediction

Data-driven identification of patient profitability drivers.

Data-driven Pathology software

Use data to make better decisions across your Pathology services to ensure efficient fleet usage, happy employees and timely testing for all your clinics.

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Staff Rostering

Keep a productive and happy workforce with enabling software.

Fleet sizing

Quantify the optimal number of vehicles to service clinics now and into the future.

Fleet Routing

Optimise your routing whilst respecting spoilage and time windows.

Scenario Analysis

Test out your clinic’s profitability by running accessible scenario analysis.

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