Predictive Data Analytics Solutions

Use your data to make better business decisions

Introducing Biarri Analytics

Biarri Analytics is a part of the Biarri Group of companies with a core focus on utilising commercial mathematics, predictive analytics and big data to support business decisions.


Commercial mathematics to optimise your operations.


Dig into historical data to help inform today’s decisions.


Generate a model to test and answer the ‘what if’ questions.

Data Structure

Use software to keep your data together.

Big Data

Ingest data from multiple sources to create big data sets and big conclusions.


Maths to help predict the future and drive today’s decisions.

Machine Learning

Algorithms that adapt to new information and learn your operations.

Give us the problem to solve

Industry leaders turn to Biarri to solve the most complex business problems. Give us your data and let us make sense of it to draw real-world conclusions.

Let us build a bespoke tool

Give anyone in your team the power to perform analytical planning, scheduling of operational capabilities. Easy-to-use tools, built by user experience experts and backed by the intelligence of our mathematicians and data scientists.

Integrate our maths to existing software

Take advantage of our powerful mathematical engines, and through APIs integrate into your existing systems. We continually deal with commercially sensitive information and provide secure APIs to ingest your data and give back informative results.

Join the innovators that trust Biarri


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