Innovative Train Planning and Scheduling software for TasRail

Innovative Train Planning Software for TasRail

Biarri Rail is pleased to announce a new contract with TasRail. The contract will see Biarri deliver its cloud based master planning and scheduling software — Boss MP. The software will enable TasRail to quickly plan and optimise train schedules, locomotives, wagons and crew leading to improved efficiencies and utilisation of critical railway assets.

Damien White, TasRail CEO said, “TasRail is committed to driving improvements in its customer offering whilst at the same time delivering efficiency improvements in the way we deploy our valuable assets – ultimately benefiting Tasmania’s key industries and the wider community.”

“After a global search we selected Biarri Rail’s Boss software based on its ability to meet our needs now and into the future. It is great to see this kind of innovation coming out of our own backyard in Australia.”

The Boss platform will be rolled out in a systematic way to provide significant improvements across long term planning and will include 6 specific modules:

  • Train Design – Enables the planning of the trains run in each week, to efficiently meet customers’ demands and preferences.
  • Locomotive Planning – Determines which locomotive classes, haul which trains, to optimise fleet utilisation and reduce fuel costs.
  • Rail Wagon Planning – Plans the flow of each wagon type through the rail network to maximise rolling stock utilisation.
  • Crew Shift Planning – Defines an optimum set of crew shifts to cover crew demands across mainline and yards (e.g. shunting).
  • Crew Rostering – Enabling the automated process of efficiently assigning available staff to shifts while ensuring compliance with labour rules.
  • Train Pathing — Enabling the planning of detailed train paths including dwell locations for train meets, crew changeovers and meal breaks across TasRail’s railway network.

Tom Forbes, Biarri Rail CEO said, “We’re excited to be working with the team at TasRail to drive this new innovation. Boss is unique as it brings man and machine together; excellent algorithms, and simple user interfaces, that deliver real world results.”

Biarri Rail will see TasRail join its Rail Freight customer list which includes; Pacific National, Aurizon, Rio Tinto Iron Ore and Kansas City Southern Railways.

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