Multi-server SSL with CherryPy

It’s quite hard to see in the CherryPy docs how to support http and https from a single app. It turns out combining a few of the posts on the tools wiki is the way to go.

Starting the app looks like:

if __name__ == "__main__":

from cherrypy import _cpserver
from cherrypy import _cpwsgi_server

    secure_server = _cpwsgi_server.CPWSGIServer()
    cherrypy.config.namespaces['secure_server'] = lambda k, v: setattr(secure_server, k, v)
    secure_server.bind_addr = ('', cherrypy.config['secure_server.socket_port'])

    adapter = _cpserver.ServerAdapter(cherrypy.engine, secure_server, secure_server.bind_addr)

    app = cherrypy.Application(Root())
    app.wsgiapp.pipeline.append(('repoze.who', setup_auth))
    app.wsgiapp.pipeline.append(('beaker', setup_session_storage))
    cherrypy.quickstart(app, config='workbench.conf')

And the important config file options are:

server.socket_host = ""
server.socket_port = 8080
server.thread_pool = 10
secure_server.socket_port = 8443
secure_server.ssl_certificate = "certs/self_sign_certificate.crt"
secure_server.ssl_private_key = "certs/self_sign.key"


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