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New Workforce Rostering Feature – Leave Management Calendar

Biarri has now released the first new feature as part of the wider demand from our customers around management enhancements. Specifically, the web-based calendar view of roster requests is now available as a potentially more intuitive alternative to the existing table view. For those who have seen the mockups of this screen it should look familiar.
The screen is very similar in look and feel to the rostering Gantt, with the items in the Gantt instead representing roster requests per person/date. Some included features are:

  • View customisable time ranges and periods.
  • Toggle additional employee data (group and roster pattern) in the fixed columns.
  • Right click on an employee name to view their profile in a new tab.
  • Standard filtering, sorting and colouring options to customise the view and drill down into the data that interests you. This applies to both the employees and requests in the view (similar to the rostering view with employees and shifts).
  • Total unavailable/available KPIs per day calculated from requests on that day. Note that these numbers are calculated using the filtered employees and requests – e.g if you want to filter for only annual leave requests, the KPIs will only show total number of people with annual leave requests per day.
  • Hover over requests so see their key details in a popup menu.
  • Click on requests to open up the standard screen which allows you to action the request (add to roster, approve or reject).

We are still working on other additional request management features – specifically to allow rostered users to more intuitively interact with their requests, as well as have a view of other employees requests.

Stay tuned here for further updates. To learn more about our workforce tool, check out our blog post on it here.

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