Fibre Optic Network Design

We worked with NBN Co to determine the most efficient and effective way to design their FTTH network in Australia using quantitative analytics


“Biarri has already demonstrated the engine’s capability and benefits on projects for NBN Co. It quickly generates low-cost fibre network designs based on the requirements of the reference architecture. It can determine optimal fibre area boundaries, the position of fibre hubs, and the layout and route of distribution and local fibre.”

Gary Maclaren
Chief Technology Officer, NBN Co.

Business Need

The National Broadband Network is one of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects which is expected to take 10 years to complete and aims to reach 93% of Australian premises across a geographical area equivalent to 80% of the United States.

Fibre Optic Network Design has always been a high cost and labour intensive process. NBN Co required a modern approach to Fibre Optic Network Design that gave them the ability to make agile, valid and cost effective designs for their FTTH network.

Our Approach

  • NBN Co required a solution that would allow for high quality, and low cost fibre networks to be designed in an agile, efficient way.
  • Our team worked closely with NBN Co to understand how their existing processes worked and what they required from a FTTH network design solution.
  • NBN Co were quick to outline key constraints and requirements from the tool which off the shelf products weren’t able to support.
  • The customised solution that we built- FOND– uses complex mathematical engines at the core, and easy linear workflows to deliver low cost FTTx Designs.

The Results

  • Our custom built Fibre Optic Network Design tool (FOND) allows for rapid, high quality, and repeatable validated network designs
  • Easy and seamless integration with existing processes and systems including multiple GIS tools
  • Easy handling of third party and input data to increase data handling efficiency through the design process
  • Outputs in the form of visualisations and a detailed bill of quantities to increase visibility and control over cost
  • 80% reduction in planning time
  • 20% reduction in material and labour costs
  • 3000+ premises designed and validated in minutes

Global Recognition

Biarri and NBN Co were selected as one of six global finalists for the prestigious Franz Edelman Award. The Prize is the world’s most prestigious recognition for excellence in applying advanced analytics to benefit business and humanitarian outcomes. Biarri and NBN Co have been selected for developing a unique mathematical approach for designing broadband networks. By delivering significant savings during the course of the ten year project, Biarri has been recognised on a global stage with some of the most prominent companies and institutions in the world.

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