Mining solutions

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Mining Solutions

A mathematical approach

The mining industry faces significant shifts in operating conditions characterised by high operating costs, volatile commodity markets, declining investment activity across all key mining sectors, increased competition, changing demand for large-scale equipment, diminished resale value, long lead times for delivery of large-scale machinery, and reduced utilisation of resources.

Our extensive experience with some of the leading mining and energy companies means we can quickly develop a customised solution based on your unique business requirements. Whether it is mining, pit to port logistics, or port logistics, we can help. We use the latest Operations Research methods to solve complex business problems providing you with the ability to monitor costs and make better strategic and operational decisions.


Mining Solutions

Mining Solutions

Whether you are planning how you can make your mining facilities more efficient, or allocating your workforce to increase productivity, it is a complex, and costly process. Through optimisation and quantitative analysis you can make informed decisions on how to better operate your mining facilities and make your operations more efficient.

Our mining Solutions

  • Demand Forecasting & Scenario Planning
  • Fleet Management
  • Extraction Optimisation
  • Workforce Management
  • Fly In Fly Out Scheduling
  • Facility Location
  • Capital Planning

Supply Chain Planning Software

Mine to port Solutions

The big question that many mining companies face is, how do I get my goods from the mine to the ports in the most efficient and cost effective way? Through quantitative analysis you can run simultaneous scenarios in order to pose the “what if?”questions and find solutions to suit your specific requirements.

Mine to Port Solutions

  • Demand Forecasting & Scenario Planning
  • Logistics Management (Trucking, Rail, Shipping)
  • Warehouse Management
  • Crew Scheduling and Rostering
  • Fly In Fly Out Scheduling
  • Facility Location and Sizing
  • Capital Planning

Cargo Management Software

Ports and Shipping Solutions

In a complex and constantly changing global marketplace it is critical to stay on top of all the necessary variables. The old approach of gut feeling and basic excel models can’t cope with the complexity inherent in the marketplace. Through quantitative analysis you can be sure to find the right solutions across your port operations and strategic decisions.

Ports and Shipping

  • Demand Forecasting & Scenario Planning
  • Warehouse Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Workforce Planning
  • Shipping Scheduling
  • Vessel Load Planning
  • Facility Sizing and Location

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