Oil and Gas solutions

Powerful cloud based optimisation across your strategic planning and live operations

Keeping your oil and gas project on track

Oil and gas projects can cost billions of dollars and operate for decades– emphasising the need for oil and gas solutions that can deliver rigorous analysis on decisions made at each step of the planning process through to delivering efficiencies on a daily basis. Gut feeling, subjectivity and manual processes can lead to projects under or over utilising critical resources causing bottlenecks and resulting in inefficiencies and cost blowouts.

Biarri works with you to keep your oil and gas projects moving forward and on track. From strategic long term planning and detailed analysis to control costs, mitigate risk and win over stakeholders, through to day to day logistics management systems, you can be certain on delivering a greater ROI, justifying critical decisions and supporting operational efficiency.

“We are very pleased with the end product that Biarri has been able to deliver. The portals have enabled us to centralise and process our multitude of requests with increased efficiency and streamlined the communication cycle between the different parts of our organisation. The Biarri team has also been great to work with and listened to our requirements and delivered them.”

David Swain
David SwainSupply Chain Logistics Officer (Integrated Gas)

“Biarri built an efficient system for the computerized booking of transport movements for Savanna Energy. The software delivered to us is an extremely workable, efficient and user-friendly product.

The new approach has allowed us to reduce man hours and gives us a quicker turn around on job tasks. It also allows us to track our vehicles and kilometres travelled at the click of a mouse.”

Stephen Baily
Stephen BailyTransport Manager at Savanna Energy

Strategic Planning Oil and Gas Solutions

Setting your project up for success

With oil and gas projects costing millions if not billions of dollars it is important that you can not only justify the capex but also provide strategic analysis to all critical stakeholders. By looking at all the different scenarios and supporting your exploration, drilling, and production with quantitative analysis you can reduce uncertainty across your entire long term oil and gas project and promote downstream efficiency.

Scenario Analysis

Justify critical decisions with powerful analysis and easily communicate your findings to all stakeholders.

Warehouse location

Determine where and what size your warehouses should be to support efficiency across your project.

Transport Selection

Determine how best to move resources across your project and the costs involved, from trucks and ships through to rail.

Manpower Planning

Critically analyse how to resource your capital projects and understand the costs and risk profiles to get them on site.

Asset Utilisation

Understand how you should be moving your fleet and rigs to ensure efficiency and minimal downtime.

Asset Maintenance

Factor in asset maintenance schedules and predict failure to ensure minimal downtime and long term asset health.

Operational Oil and Gas Solutions

Keeping your operations lean and efficient

Whether it’s the logistical upstream component of your project or the midstream transportation and storage, you should be operating as efficiently as possible. However this is not the case for many oil and gas projects. Manual processes, outdated systems and simple software means that most operations lack the visibility, control and a single source of truth across logistics communication.

Transport Coordination

Centralise logistical communication under one cloud based operational system.

Rig Allocation

Ensure you’ve got visibility across your rigs and that you have the right crew, with the right skills, allocated at the right time.

Staff Scheduling

Support your staff and ensure their rosters are kept consistent and coherent while increasing your bottom line.

Fly in Fly out Scheduling

Understand all variables facing your FIFO workforce to balance satisfaction, with risk profiles and costs.

Cargo Management

Maximise the visibility of assets across your daily operations to ensure you know what is moving, where, and why.

Fleet Management

Increase visibility across your fleet movement and optimise routes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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