People and Equipment Logistics

We helped Arrow Energy by providing quantitative analysis on their people and equipment logistical requirements across their Bowen gas project in Queensland, Australia

Arrow Energy

We worked with Biarri to support the analytics of our people logistics decisions on the Bowen Gas Project. The Biarri team was very approachable and understood our specific pain points. We are confident the long term efficiency of our project has been supported by Biarri’s rigorous quantitative analysis.

Arrow Energy, Bowen Basin

Business Need

Arrow Energy is an Australian integrated Coal Seam Gas (CSG) company with exploration tenements covering approximately 41,500km2 across Queensland, Australia. Arrow Energy required an objective and justified perspective on any capital and logistical decisions for their Bowen Basin project.

With an expected 6000 wells to be drilled over a 40 year period, Arrow Energy knew that their initial planning decisions would impact future efficiency and productivity so making the right decisions were critical for their long term objectives.

Our Approach

  • We worked with Arrow Energy to create a logistical report on their Bowen Basin Project that provided real, justifiable, quantifiable analysis. The report looked into two key logistical areas of the project;
    • Weighing up both quantitative cost measures and qualitative risk measures to indicate the best mix of transport mode and roster schedules to ensure the project ran smoothly.
    • Revised assumptions of storage location, size, and choice of port of entry.
  • By taking a mathematical approach to decision making means that Arrow Energy is now more capable of justifying their multi-million dollar decisions, on a multi-billion dollar project.

The Results

  • The management team at Arrow Energy were able to remove uncertainty and gut feeling from their critical decisions.
  • They are now able to support their decisions with quantifiable analysis providing justification for strategic direction.
  • Arrow was able to identify key areas for savings and process efficiencies.
  • Arrow was able to identify key areas for concern and act accordingly.

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