Vehicle Routing Optimisation

We worked with Schweppes to build a powerful, easy to use tool to optimise their trucking routes across mainland Australia


“We are very pleased with the work Biarri has done over the past year and know that our customer service has improved further and significant savings have been made. To outsource the optimisation of our fleet to specialists has been a very good business decision, leaving us to concentrate on increasing the efficiency of our transport and operations.”

Rob Aiken
Transport Manager, Schweppes

Business Need

Schweppes is a global leading, non-alcoholic drink manufacturer and distributor. The team managing Schweppes’ Australian logistics uses over 100 delivery trucks every single day to fulfil customer orders.

Distribution and deliveries based on real-time orders is a complex daily process. Because of this management at Schweppes required a custom solution that manages their deliveries in order to minimise logistics costs while still meeting customer service level agreements.

Our Approach

  • We worked closely with Schweppes to identify what was required from a modern, world class logistical operational solution.
  • When we had proven that we could produce the optimal result for Schweppes’ vehicle routing we were able to rapidly build the tool on top of the Biarri Workbench.
  • The result is an easy to use, comprehensive vehicle routing solution that is based on Schweppes’ unique requirements.
  • Our vehicle routing solution for Schweppes Australia was customised to suit their specific routing requirements, including optimising routes based on their customers’ limited delivery windows.

The Results

  • Schweppes has been able to reduce kilometres travelled by 10%
  • Schweppes has been able to reduce fuel consumption and driver fatigue.
  • Schweppes’ optimised vehicle routing now takes less time and effort.
  • They have been able to reduce the fleet required to satisfy customer demand.

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