Vessel Load Optimisation

We worked with QUBE Ports and Bulk to build a smart operational tool to help in optimising the loading of their RORO vessels

QUBE Ports and Bulk

“Qube Ports and Bulk needed to implement a more efficient approach to planning vehicle cargo for RORO vessels. After an exhaustive market search for a vessel packing application I was sceptical that the problem could be solved easily.

Given their commercial mathematics focus I knew Biarri could develop the right optimisation engine and after I saw a presentation of their initial Workbench UI prototype I was convinced that they could deliver a complete application. The final product has far exceeded our expectations. This application enables us to make significant improvements in our vessel packing processes.”

Ray Connell
Chief Information Officer, Qube Ports and Bulk

Business Need

Qube Ports & Bulk provides wharf-side port logistics and port management services to all Australian capital city ports in the Australian region.

Qube Ports and Bulk required a better approach to packing the Spirit of Tasmania I and II ferries crossing the Bass Strait on a daily basis. With shipment demands and loads changing frequently, the existing approach was an inflexible and time-consuming white-board and Excel-based planning process. The expertise and knowledge for packing the ferries was also limited to a few individuals.

The Spirit of Tasmania I and II are critical to Tasmania as they transport both vehicles and freight on a daily basis. As a result, Qube Ports and Bulk’s priority was to ensure all ferries were packed as efficiently as possible for load balancing and optimising fuel.

Our Approach

  • We worked closely with QUBE Ports and Bulk to make sure their specific requirements were understood.
  • Through the Biarri Workbench we were then able to rapidly develop and deploy their new easy-to-use and simple tool for optimising vessel packing.
  • The optimisation engine that we created allows the user to upload the vehicles booked on a specific route and then optimises the layouts of each deck to ensure appropriate load balancing.
  • With a simple user interface, and smart engine, we have been able to significantly improve Qube Ports and Bulk’s ability to manage its ferry services for the Spirit of Tasmania I and II.

The Results

  • QUBE has been able to reduce planning effort.
  • QUBE has full visualisation of the decks and can easily drag and drop vehicles to change the optimal layout.
  • The team has been able to increase confidence in the loading and unloading of vehicles.

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