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Join us at the most fun maths conference of the year

It’s been two years and it’s back on again: the Biarri Applied Mathematics conference – BAM 2018 – is the top maths conference in Australia. The who’s who in mathematics and industry are coming. Have you got your tickets yet?

Time is running out for you to join us for this rare biannual event. It was sold out last time and will sell out quickly again. The best part? The tickets are free.

In less than 2 months, you can take part too.

Get your tickets here now.

Why come?

This year’s event will involve the industry leaders from Amazon, Telstra, Carlton FC and many more as well as top researchers from UQ, RMIT and QUT. Spread over two days, the 20th and 21st of November, at the architecturally stunning RMIT building 80 on Swanston St, you’ll discover expert discussions, see maths in action at the demo table, rub shoulders with thought leaders and talk to your peers in an intimate environment.

Invisible Intelligence

The theme of this year’s BAM is invisible intelligence. At the event, you will learn how mathematics is powering the supertrends around us: AI, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing and even Machine Learning on Quantum Computers!

Not only that but you’ll discover how maths is powering more everyday things like delivering the lettuce to Coles that you bought today or allowing you to connect to the internet. You’ll see how maths can help drive down the costs and drive up the efficiency to scale tools on a global level.

How can you use maths in your job to make better decisions? How can you use maths to save costs and be more efficient? What does cutting edge maths look like?

At BAM2018 you’ll discover the answers to these questions and much more so get your tickets here now.

Check out the BAM website here.