Biarri diagnosing Hospital and Health Services

A major part to the national health reform act 2011, was the implementation of national activity based funding (ABF) for Australian Public Hospitals. The model provides incentives to hospitals showing initiative and leadership in transparency in the delivery and funding of Hospital and Health Services across Australia.

The problem that many hospitals are now facing is that they use a limited form of descriptive analytics. Hospitals are typically using tools that aggregate and classify historical data however lack the rigor and skillset to predict future demand, trends or patterns.

The Gold Coast University Hospital approached Biarri to assist in forecasting demand for the next financial year. Being under external and internal pressure with new government rules and regulation around ABF, it was imperative that they could properly determine future demand and act on any issues or opportunities.

To optimise their capacity planning efforts, Biarri has developed a tool that allows GCUH understand their data through the application of customised predictive analytics and optimisation through our cloud based platform – Biarri Workbench.

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Subscription payments

Selling things on the internet is quite easy and there are plenty of way to process credit cards and accept online payments. However subscriptions / recurring payments aren’t easy. They aren’t easy at all. Subscription changes, card failures, multiple subscriptions for a single user (different workbench products in our case) and multiple currency billing make it hard. Dealing with banks 80’s style systems makes it even harder.

When we were first working out how to cope with online payments we found lots of good looking options, all of which were only available to American companies or via paypal. (RecurlyCheddarGetterSpreedly) Eventually we found RBS Worldpay.Worldpay turned out to be too inflexible and far to much effort to set up. The time required was also insane. From the start of our application to ready to get our payments up took 7 months and significant amounts of cash. We gave up on Worldpay when we were trying (hard) to integrate it. Their system for recurring payments is so ill documented and inflexible to be useless. Users appear to require a separate login and password for Worldpay. This is unacceptable. Currently we’re looking into Saasy, from fastspring. They respond fantastically quickly to support request and got our testing site up and approved us in a day. So far it looks great, flexible and easy but I’ll post another blog when we’ve got it all live. I’ll also put some code for the server side part in python using cherrypy up on github, when it’s a bit more polished.


Accessibility – at work every day

The posts below describe Biarri’s approach to deliver optimisation through accessibility of a number of different channels. Whether it is modelling in excel, a Biarri inside engine, by using the Biarri Workbench or even a managed service – these are all great ways for businesses to quickly and affordably benefit from the power of optimisation and Operations Research.

On a more practical level each day we are seeing examples where Biarri’s open and accessible approach is giving customers the power to “drive” the model or application and get the benefits of new insights and approaches to complex problems which deliver savings.

The power of being able to change parameters and input data and re-run optimisations all in a matter of seconds means in a very short time customers have used Biarri’s tools to get a deep understanding of what drives cost and yield in a supply chain or business operation and the impact of the different levers they can pull to affect change.

We at Biarri believe that powerful insight and analysis should be available quickly, to answer the burning questions that management have. For this reason, every day the team at Biarri look for new ways to make our commercial mathematics more accessible for our customers.