Melbourne Open Science Workshop 19th of July 2014

Melbourne Open Science Workshop on the 19th of July!

I am very excited to announce that on the 19th of July, the first Open Science Workshop will be held in Melbourne, Australia, at Inspire 9.


It’s going to be a really exciting day. It’s completely free to attend, and there are still some tickets available here – Melbourne Open Science Workshop Tickets – or on the website itself.


The plan is to get together 100 scientists and researchers, and talk to them about all the cool open science software that is out there, and get everyone started using the really cool collaborative tools, that can help make papers and research truly reproducible.


On the day we will be talking specifically about GitHub and the SageMathCloud. We will spend the morning learning getting set up with Git, practising pushing, pulling, forking and pull requests, motivated with examples.


In the afternoon, we will hear from some people working on open science projects; and then will take a look into how to work with IPython notebooks in Git and the SageMathCloud (SMC). Among other things, SMC provides a way to run IPython notebooks in a collaborative environment. This means you can share computations with colleagues, and keep everything nice and controlled in repositories.


If you are a scientist or researcher and want to learn about easy ways to make papers more reproducible; about the best ways to collaborate with your colleagues and generally have fun and work towards make the scientific process more open and available to all, then you should come along! Hope to see you on the day! Head over to the website for more informatio and to reserve your spot!


I should also thank our sponsors: Biarri Networks, GitHub, and Inspire 9.