First Melbourne Maths and Science Meetup

This Tuesday (21st of August) – Tomorrow – I will be holding the first Melbourne Maths and Science Meetup. It will be held at RMIT, in the Physics Building (information about the location is below).

The idea of the group is to gather together scientists and mathematicians of all types, and have them present a technical topic in their field. There will be around 3 presentations each night, with time for small little questions to be posed to the group as a whole. After each meeting we will head to a local pub for drinks, which Biarri will sponsor!

I invite anyone in Melbourne who is interested in Maths and any type of Science to come down and furthermore, to present on any topic that you may find interesting!

Please do sign up to the Meetup group, and I look forward to seeing you there on Tuesday!

Location details

The RMIT expression for the particular room is “14.6.13”, which, perhaps unsurprisingly, means “Building 14, Level 6, Room 13”. To be more helpful, it means you should enter at the front of RMIT, from Swanston St, head generally left, past the cafeteria, go to the lifts, go to level 6, and then continue heading left until you meet a glass door. Then, you should call me, as the door will likely be locked. My phone number can be found on the Meetup group website.