Javascript: It’s actually pretty decent.

I admit it, the ‘Java’ in the word JavaScript has previously put me off. However, it turns out it really is rather nice and with some searching you can find some good documentation!

In our midst we have a language with more in common with scheme and lisp than Java or VB! And, it’s wonderful features are eloquently explained by Douglas Crockford covering how to use encapsulation and a great series of slides by John Resig explaining closures and prototype based inheritance.

Douglas Crockford mentions a JavaScript gotcha that bit me – “this” which you use like self in python but is implicit, is set incorrectly for inner functions. It’s simple to get around though, just set a var, i.e “that” to it’s value before your inner functions.

I’m planning, and I admit this plan may be impeded by other more pressing concerns, to write a series of posts explaining my recent investigation of python (and some non-python) web frameworks. I also want to discuss my quest to write a application framework based on the principles of simplicity, elegance and power, for users and developers.

Despite JavaScript’s positives the idea of a python to JS complier like Pyjamas does seem enticing. I’d be really interested in hearing comments from anyone who’s used it. Python to me is still far more elegant. 🙂