Biarri RMIT Women in Computer Science and Maths

Biarri’s Prize for Women in Maths and Comp Sci at RMIT

It’s important that we take the time out to congratulate those that are really striving to achieve in the areas of Mathematics and Computer Science.

This year we went back to the drawing board and re-built one of our long running University support programs, specifically around how we can encourage women who are challenging the industry and doing something different.

Biarri RMIT Women in Computer Science and Maths 2

We want to acknowledge those who are as passionate as we are about maths and computer sciences, and are working to make an impact within the community and industry.

Along with all of the other winners of awards across the RMIT University’s School of Science Awards Ceremony.  We want to congratulate and point out:

  • Chloe Lilkendey for doing awesome things across Mathematics, and
  • Jacqueline Shadforth for her achievements in Computer Science.

Both Chloe and Jacqueline will be receiving $1000, a 30 day paid internship at the Biarri Melbourne offices, and also unlimited use of our Melbourne Offices for 6 months as a co-working space.

If you, or someone you know is eager to see how we are using maths and computer science to change our world, don’t hesitate to get in touch or checkout our careers page. We’re always looking for disrupters, and out-of the box thinkers looking to make change!