The benefits of hosted solutions

Cloud computing offers many advantages over more traditional software channels. There is an interesting analogy here between computing power and electricity (elucidated well in the book The Big Switch: rewiring the world, from Edison to Google by Nicholas Carr 2008) – cloud computing offers computing power and business applications served up from a “centralised power plant”.

At Biarri we are excited about the advantages of cloud-hosted solutions instead of the more traditional desktop approach, in particular:

  • All clients run the latest and greatest version of the software
  • Accessible anywhere there is an internet connection
  • From a development point of view, problems can be solved once in a controlled computing environment. This lets developers concentrate more on features of value to customers and less on making software robust enough to run under many different environments (OS versions or variants for example).
  • Avoiding desktop licensing issues (e.g. tying software to a particular machine with awkward process for transferring license to another machine)
  • Short-circuits problems with desktop software deployment
  • Instant support – pursuing the electricity analogy, this would be like having a handyman always immediately on call to fix your problem
  • Scalability – ability to increase the computing power required on demand by “spinning up” more machine instances in the cloud
  • And best of all for our business clients – available on a low-cost monthly subscription (with the ability to easily turn on and off the service) without an arduous IT deployment

Biarri’s Workbench continues to be developed and enhanced and offers a hosted solution that comprises many different optimisation engines that all “plug in” to a central, flexible hosted architecture. In keeping with Biarri’s key values of accessibility and power, the user interface offers both a workflow-oriented interface with rich data manipulation and visualisation functionality.

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