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The State of AI in Marketing

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) permeates almost every part of every business, it is important to stop and review how AI can help you do your job better.

One field that has been dramatically affected is marketing and so it was timely that WP Engine has now brought out a survey with Smoothmedia and Vanson Bourne to reveal how the marketing landscape is being disrupted by AI.

The Results

As part of the panel of experts interviewed for the report, Biarri has been provided exclusive access to the report here.

Biarri’s key contribution to this important research was revealing the way data is best used and managed to deliver practical results to marketing departments without setting false expectations and over promising things that AI cannot deliver.

Download the report to discover what trends are changing the way marketers exploit AI to achieve results such as:

  • 42.5% of businesses seeing a visible increase in sales with AI
  • 37.5% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 29% increase in website visitors

Positive results such as these have led to around 32% of businesses planning to increase their AI budgets by more than 50% over the coming period. So we expect to see a separation in the market of those businesses which pull ahead of their competitors with AI and those who see their market share eaten away by AI driven experiences.

The key is using AI to deliver better digital experiences which leads to more relevant and personalised content. However, a question which many marketers must ask themselves is will this personal data be used for unethical purposes? The answer from the research was clear: 57.6% of survey respondents said they believe AI will ultimately have a positive impact on the world.

Biarri and AI in Marketing

Biarri’s team has a depth of experience in delivering retail and marketing AI solutions around:

  • optimal channel management,
  • market mix modelling,
  • pricing optimisation,
  • life-time value modelling,
  • anomalous behaviour,
  • churn modelling

and much more. Reach out to us now to find out how you can leverage AI to improve your marketing performance. We have conducted our own analysis to be able to show you the pathways to fast value with AI tools.

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