Recently one of our colleagues had the opportunity to answer the question on every parents’ lips when they look at their little mathemagician – what types of careers exist in mathematics?

It is a topic that is constantly raised but seems to never receive a satisfactory answer. In spite of the fact that the top five most valuable companies in the globe are technology companies powered by advanced mathematics, especially artificial intelligence and machine learning, we keep hearing this question.

One of talented colleagues, Ellie Fox, was interviewed by the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers. It was a great interview that shared some her experiences being a mathematician and what opportunities exist for bright young kids excited by mathematics. If you want to understand what opportunities exist in mathematics and why you should encourage your children to study maths, then listen to the interview:

Listen to the interview here.

At Biarri we provide people with an interest in mathematics rewarding opportunities to live their dream and watch it have a genuine impact on businesses and society. We are the driving force behind some of the most sophisticated technology used by companies like Google, Rio Tinto, Schweppes, Vodafone and many more.

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