Biarri Workforce

Produce cost optimised schedules and rosters faster

Introducing Biarri Workforce Optimisation

Biarri Workforce is a modern SaaS application, enabling businesses to generate demand-driven workforce and equipment schedules and rosters which are cost-optimised. 

“We’ve worked with many providers of rostering optimisation tools and in our experience we’d say that Biarri is the clear market leader. Not only is the Biarri team truly expert in optimisation, they go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their tools actually make a difference and achieve the end result. Biarri worked with us to deeply understand our business and the problems we are trying to solve – in our case to create the best possible rosters to meet the needs of our client airlines and employees. The end result has been the implementation of tools that are a perfect fit for our business, that have achieved results beyond our expectations and that we are proud to use.”

Rob D’AlessioCOO - Aerocare


Integrate with in-house software or use Biarri’s forecasting to schedule the right people at the right time.


Use automated software to save time and manage complex employee agreements.


Minimise costs while ensuring your demand is being met by qualified people.


Keep your workforce happy by maximising ‘likeability’ of rosters.

Better Staff Scheduling

When you have to align staff with priority jobs, time windows, and availability while at the same time managing qualifications, workforce rules and travel time, simple software and manual approaches don’t support your business goals. Use workforce optimisation and a demand-driven approach to build shifts that meet the needs of the business at the lowest cost.

Better Staff Rostering

After building shifts, Biarri Workforce uses mathematical optimisation to balance employee needs with business goals, maximising ‘likeability’ of rosters. Likeability means different things to different industries, and can include managing fatigue, respecting individual preferences, maximising consecutive days off and aiming for cyclical consistency.

Better Staff Engagement

Biarri Workforce provides a modern, interactive staff portal for communicating rosters including push notifications, allowing shift swaps and capturing staff availability. This staff portal supports web, mobile app, SMS, email and IVR channels.

Better Field Services Mangement

Biarri Workforce also caters for FIFO and Field Force Scheduling optimisation in a variety of industries, supporting you to have the right people at the right place at the right time. We built our accessible workforce optimisation tool to be easily configurable because we understand each industry is different and has different constraints.

Innovative Train Planning and Scheduling software for TasRail

Better Manpower Planning

Use Biarri Workforce’s scenario analysis with the user configurable constraints and prioritisation to answer your ‘what if?’ questions. Look at longer time horizons and planned campaigns to better plan out your future employee requirements.

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