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What some of our customers have to say

The product exceeded our expectation & will enable us to make significant improvements.

Ray ConnellCIOQube

The tools are a perfect fit for our business, achieved results beyond our expectations and that we are proud to use.

Rob D’AlessioCOOAerocare

Our customer service has improved further and significant savings have been made.

Robert AikinTransport ManagerAsahi

The supply chain request portal has enabled us to centralize our process and streamlined our communication cycle.

David SwainSupply Chain Logistics OfficerOrigin

The Biarri team did such a fantastic job and the transition was absolutely uneventful.

Ben PryorTerminal ManagerPacific National

The Biarri team’s ability and willingness to understand the business requirements at the detailed operational level has been exceptional.

Michael HolmesManager, Train Crew PlanningAurizon

Gurobi consulting, Gurobi support, CPLEX support and mathematics consulting for all major solvers.

Biarri offers consulting support for all major optimisation solvers including engines like Gurobi, CPLEX and others.  Biarri are experts at developing optimisation and decision support engines based on mathematical techniques.

Bring your optimisation problems to us and we’ll solve them either from scratch or on top of your existing solution.

Data analytics and predictive analytics for all industries

Biarri offers the full suite of data and predictive analytics across health care, industrial, sports, consumer, marketing and many other sectors. We deliver scenario planning, machine learning, AI, advanced statistics and more.

Our analysts deliver on the promise of big data by combining the best maths with the best domain knowledge to solve the right problem from day one.

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