Childcare Centre
Waitlist Optimisation

Transitioning the right children to
the right rooms and manage the waitlist to maximise occupancy.

Our solution allows a national Australian childcare service provider to identify the optimal transitions and enrolments to maximise occupancy.


In order to maximise revenue, the childcare service provider would occasionally review the available space in each centre, then manage room transitions and enrolments from waitlists to improve occupancy.

Traditionally, each centre performed the review process independently, with minimal oversight. Centre managers would review occupancy on an ad-hoc basis and choose transitions/enrolments by hand.

The provider recognised that many centres experienced long waitlists while maintaining low occupancy across different days of the week. The provider believed that a standard review process would support higher occupancy, and that a sophisticated algorithm-led approach could identify complex sets of transitions that would be difficult to find by hand, leading to increased enrolment.

The company engaged us to develop an algorithm-driven planning application that could identify the optimal transitions and enrolments to maximise occupancy.

Utilizing mathematical optimisation and the Biarri Workbench platform, we developed an algorithm-driven software that recommends the optimal room transitions and enrolments to maximise centre occupancy. 

Using the software, the provider implemented a fortnightly occupancy review process across all centres. The software is integrated with existing systems and automatically recommends specific actions to centre managers via email. Custom dashboards provide more granular visibility of optimisation results.

The Biarri solution is used in BAU operations across every centre.

The solution promotes a 4.1% occupancy uplift on average. Utilised operationally by hundreds of centres, this corresponds to a multi-million dollar revenue uplift each year.

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