Performing in the top quantile of childcare service providers means delivering a high quality of care and retaining your valued staff, all while meeting compliance and finding opportunities to improve operational performance.

We empower childcare service providers to achieve excellence through software that enables optimised planning and execution.

Our customers experience multidimensional benefits

Minimised staffing costs

Compliant staff plans

Maximised occupancy

Improved quality
of care

We deliver a suite of solutions:

Waitlist and Occupancy Optimisation

Identify complex combinations of room transitions and enrolments from waitlists to maximise occupancy across your childcare centres.

Roster Optimisation

Auto-generate rosters that are optimised to meet attendance, meet compliance and improve or maintain quality of care, while reducing your centre managers’ planning effort.

Day-of-Operations Planning

Allows centre managers to optimally pre-plan and re-plan staff schedules on the day to meet compliance at minimum cost, while reducing time spent planning.

Implementing planning optimisation within your organisation requires integrating people, processes and technology.

Our high touch engagement approach ensures that your organisation is supported through every step in your journey, helping you embed optimisation in your organisational DNA.

Want to embed planning optimisation in your organisation?

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