Oil & Gas

Get the most out of your assets

We partner with companies in the Oil & Gas sector to support them in making data-driven decisions across people, equipment and infrastructure, ensuring alignment of projects and driving profitability.

Our partners harness our deep mathematical optimisation expertise via consulting services and bespoke software implementations to experience multidimensional benefits.


Increased asset efficiency

Capex + Opex optimisation

Greater operational control

Our optimisation solutions across a variety of use cases in upstream, midstream and downstream segments.



Planning software that auto-generates compliant and cost-optimised workforce plans, rosters and work schedules.


Field Force

Planning software for task-driven, scheduling optimisation for distributed work.


Rate-of-penetration (ROP) Optimisation

Software that streams real time recommendations for optimal drilling parameters, allowing you to optimise your rate of penetration and minimising the risk of downtime for your drilling operations.



Determine the best size, capacities, configuration and location of facilities within your value chain.


Capex + Project Portfolio

Schedule the planning and execution of your capital project and study portfolio, choosing the right decisions across your value chain to optimise your overall outcome.


Rig Scheduling

Software that allows you to plan your rig movements to optimise profitability with respect to production output and operating costs. Ensure your rig movements are planned optimally with consideration of permitting, material movements and labour capacity.



Determine the best way to supply materials across your network of assets and facilities, and run scenarios to identify the optimal network configuration for your supply chain.


Value Chain Optimisation

Planning software that allows you to make optimal purchasing, production and logistics decisions with consideration of the system-wide effects of decision-making.


Component Degradation

Forecast component degradation across your assets and optimise your overhaul and maintenance schedules, transforming your maintenance from cyclical to condition-based.

Beyond Optimisation

Our planning software and services equips you with deeper insights for optimal decision-making.

Scenario Analysis

Perform “What-if?” analysis and understand the optimal decisions to make under different scenarios.

Sensitivity Analysis

Understand the sensitivity of your operational performance to individual factors/variables.


Understand how much a variable needs to change for it to impact your operational performance.

Supporting your business from ideation to optimisation.

Implementing planning optimisation within your organisation requires integrating people, processes and technology through careful planning and execution.

Our high touch engagement approach ensures that your organisation is supported through every step in your journey, ensuring optimisation is embedded in your organisational DNA.


Want to harness planning optimisation to improve your operational performance?

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