The Biarri Advantage: NDIS Rostering Software for Seamless Compliance

Even the most diligent organisations in the NDIS sector know the headaches that come with the complex and often confusing Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry (SCHADS) award requirements.

Optimising workforce performance while remaining compliant to the SCHADS award and upholding the four principal NDIS practice standards is a constant challenge. NDIS providers are finding themselves increasingly under the pump and in need of support.

At Biarri, our NDIS rostering and scheduling solution is designed to alleviate this burden.

Powered by mathematical optimisation, our purpose-built software helps companies optimise operational performance while meeting compliance and streamlining the process of workforce and visit planning. Our goal is not to replace humans, but to provide them with the tools for supported decision making that will empower unmatched efficiency for even the most complex scheduling situations.

Risks of Non-Compliance with SCHADS

Awards are tricky business at the best of times, and non-compliance with SCHADS awards in Australia can have significant consequences for employers, employees, and organisations. When major changes were ushered in during 2022, NDIS organisations found themselves struggling to adapt. Here are some of the key risks associated with non-compliance:

Penalties and fines

Heavy fines: Employers who fail to meet their obligations under SCHADS awards can face substantial fines. For instance, corporations that fail to comply with the SCHADS award may face a fine of up to $156,500 (500 penalty units). These fines can add up quickly if multiple breaches occur.

Consequences for clients

Service quality: Non-compliance can impact the quality of services provided to clients in the social, community, home care, and disability services sector. Clients may not receive the level of care and support they are entitled to, which can negatively affect their well-being and satisfaction.

Impact on employees

Underpayment: Non-compliance can lead to underpayment of employees, which is not only unfair but also illegal. Employees may not receive their rightful wages, including penalty rates and allowances, which can cause financial hardship and dissatisfaction among the workforce.

Overtime and working conditions: Failure to comply with SCHADS awards can also affect employees’ working conditions, including overtime and leave entitlements. This can lead to overworking and burnout among employees, negatively impacting their health and well-being and having flow on effects to their clients. With 43% of NDIS workers reporting feeling burnt out at least half of the time, this is a serious issue for NDIS employees to consider. Too many skilled workers are leaving the sector, creating skills gaps and greater risk of non-compliance.

Reputational damage to organisations:

  • Public perception: Organisations that do not comply with SCHADS awards can suffer reputational damage. News of non-compliance, underpayment, or mistreatment of employees can spread quickly through social media and news outlets, tarnishing an organisation’s image.
  • Attracting and retaining talent: A damaged reputation can make it challenging for organisations to attract and retain skilled and compassionate employees. Prospective employees may be hesitant to work for an organisation with a history of non-compliance and reputational issues.
  • Funding and partnerships: Non-compliance can also affect an organisation’s ability to secure funding or form partnerships with government agencies, donors, or other stakeholders. These entities often prioritise organisations with a strong track record of compliance and ethical practices.

Benefits of Biarri’s Mathematical Optimisation Software for NDIS in-home care providers:

Reduced rostering and planning effort

NDIS in-home care providers often deal with complex and dynamic rosters with substantial flexibility in staff availability and client preferences. Biarri’s planning software simplifies the rostering process dramatically, allowing organisations to efficiently plan schedules, allocate resources, and ensure that all clients are serviced. Our solution ensures client competency matching, meaning your team is sending the right person at the right time, to the right location. 

Cost-optimised operations and increased service coverage

The mathematical optimisation engine behind our planning software automatically optimises visit schedules and rosters while ensuring each visit is made by a carer qualified for the job. By sequencing visits better, the engine is able to reduce carer travel between clients, reducing the cost of services by up to 20%, with up to 50% more visits made.

Improved carer and client satisfaction

By rapidly automating and optimising rostering processes, our planning, scheduling and rostering software enhances overall organisational efficiency. This not only saves time and resources but also leads to better service delivery for NDIS clients.

In addition to these benefits, our solution promotes positive outcomes for both NDIS customers and teams. It ensures that support workers are matched effectively and consistently with clients, leading to more personalised care and improved client satisfaction. Optimised schedules also reduce split shifts and vacant slots, ensuring your casual workforce is engaged with consistent and meaningful work, with more time in care and less time on the road.

Our technology assists in optimising performance by ensuring your rosters are cost-optimised with respect to SCHADS and travel, while maintaining or improving carer and client satisfaction, and all while reducing rostering effort. It bridges the gap between fulfilling meaningful roles within the organisation and delivering optimal quality of care to NDIS clients, at a lower cost of service delivery.

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