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Optimisation Software

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and logistics decisions

Introducing Biarri Supply Chain

Biarri Supply Chain is a part of the Biarri Group of companies with a core focus on utilising commercial mathematics and intuitive web applications to support businesses in producing the best supply chain possible.


Make better capital and operational decisions using data and running scenarios.


Ensure people, assets and equipment are being used intelligently.


Align and connect your entire supply chain using smart software.

Make smarter supply chain decisions with analytics

Use software and data to understand all the moving parts of your supply chain to inform the best operational and capital decisions you can make. Smart software helps you make profitable decisions and allows you to rapidly run scenarios to analyse and quantify the impacts of different supply chain choices.

Network Optimisation

Determine the best way for goods to flow through your network.

Transport Optimisation

Select the right group of assets for road, rail, sea and air.

Capital Optimisation

Understand history and use predictive analysis to make better CapEx decisions.

Facility Optimisation

Analyse the best size and location of facilities within your supply chain.

Inventory Optimisation

Better understand customer behaviour to determine how to order and stock inventory.

Demand Forecasting

Utilise key historical data to better understand your market and demand.

Make fast logistics decisions through automation software

Ensure each logistical component of your supply chain is working in unison to ensure end-to-end efficiency across your supply chain.


Optimize your fleet and routes to drive profitability and customer satisfaction.


Ensure efficient and compliant long-haul routes for your fleet to hit DIFOT targets.


Plan and schedule your railway with speed and certainty.

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Make the best decisions for your grounded and airborne aircraft.


Plan, schedule, load and route your vessels with certainty.


Keep your workforce productive and happy across the supply chain.

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