How to Identify Unique Enterprise Problems – The Problems that Can’t be Fixed with COTS

How to Identify Unique Enterprise Problems with Mathematical Optimisation

Large companies face unique enterprise problems (UEPs), characterised by their inherent complexities and significant impact on operations. Addressing these challenges requires advanced analytics and optimised decision-making. Biarri leverages mathematical optimisation to tackle UEPs, decoding complex dilemmas and driving smarter planning decisions. This blog delves into the scope of UEPs and the transformative impact of our algorithm-driven solutions.

Recognising Unique Enterprise Problems

Identifying UEPs suitable for mathematical optimisation is crucial for transforming operations. Here’s how to pinpoint them:

Here’s How to Pinpoint Them:

1. Reliance on Key Personnel: Mission-critical operations rely heavily on a few key experts. When these individuals are unavailable, the business struggles to maintain operations smoothly.

2. Over-Reliance on Excel: Complex problems are managed using outdated Excel workbooks, often created by individuals no longer with the company, making them fragile and difficult to use.

3. Lack of Off-the-Shelf Solutions: Existing software solutions fail to address specific operational problems, leading to failed implementations and minimal realised value.

4. Scalability Issues: Growing organisations face challenges in scaling processes to meet increased demands. Mathematical optimisation designs scalable solutions adaptable to evolving operational needs.

5. Variation in Planning Performance: Significant performance variation between high and low performers due to the difficulty in standardising planning processes and transferring knowledge.

6. Economies of Scale Struggles: As your organisation scales, maintaining a lean operating model and keeping operational costs down becomes challenging.

By recognising these indicators, companies can leverage Biarri’s mathematical optimisation to transform complex operational problems into strategic advantages.

Real-World Unique Enterprise Problems We’ve Solved

To illustrate the power of mathematical optimisation in tackling unique enterprise problems, let’s explore how companies across different industries have partnered with Biarri to transform their operational challenges into strategic advantages.

Unlocking peak performance: optimising drilling velocity with mathematical precision

Imagine your drilling rigs operating in a delicate balance—too quickly, and you risk significant equipment damage; too slowly, and costly delays disrupt your entire production schedule. This balance is crucial in oil and gas operations, where precision and speed must align perfectly to maximise penetration rates without compromising equipment integrity.

Achieving this equilibrium is challenging, especially when relying solely on the varying skill levels of your drillers. While your best drillers set the benchmark, there is often a significant performance gap between them and the rest.

This is where mathematical optimisation makes a difference. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms, Biarri tailors the optimal drilling velocity to specific geological conditions and equipment capabilities, bringing all drillers up to the level of your best employees. This reduces variation in performance and ensures consistent, high-level results across the board.

Optimising route design: tackling uncertainty in delivery logistics

Imagine your organisation relied on outdated, manual methods to design delivery runs across the state, where every part of the region must be meticulously planned for optimal efficiency.

In this scenario, each decision—from designating zones and territories to assigning routes for each truck—carries significant weight in determining the success of your operations. Poorly designed territories or routes can lead to some employees having too much work while others have too little, resulting in inefficiencies and potential overtime issues. This imbalance can cause not only operational inefficiencies but also larger cultural problems, with frustration brewing among your workforce over unequal workloads and compensation.

In addition, manual processes are time-consuming and prone to errors despite your best efforts, resulting in suboptimal routes and wasted resources.

Biarri’s mathematical optimisation software transforms this approach to vehicle routing, ensuring that every route is designed for unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Our solution balances workloads, minimises costs, and eliminates inefficiencies, fostering a more equitable and productive work environment.

Maximising port storage efficiency: solving the coordination conundrum

In this scenario, solving the challenge of managing storage operations at a bustling port is critical. Imagine overseeing 30 silos, each filled to the brim with commodities like wheat or barley. Simultaneously, you orchestrate the loading of containers and the movement of products along conveyors.

Consider the complexity of deciding whether to store products together in one silo or to consolidate them. Meanwhile, you must expertly time container dispatches based on fluctuating capacities and supplier arrivals. It’s a complex logistical puzzle, requiring a delicate balance between optimising storage utilisation and streamlining overall supply chain operations.

Now, envision how Biarri could transform this scenario, with maths.

Leveraging advanced mathematical models and data-driven insights, Biarri’s technology enables optimised decision-making in port storage management, equipping your team to master the complexities of logistics, and ensuring that every aspect of port operations is aligned for maximum efficiency.

Overcoming complexities: optimising electrical pole maintenance

Imagine being in charge of the inspection and maintenance schedule for hundreds and thousands of electrical poles, each with its own compliance requirements and defect rates. With regulations mandating a certain number of inspections and factors like regional bushfire risk influencing maintenance needs, the task becomes complex and time-consuming.

Traditionally, planning is managed manually with spreadsheets or geospatial maps, introducing inefficiencies and imprecision.

Now, picture a solution that effortlessly integrates all variables, allowing you to replan and reprioritise more frequently as new data and information become available. This dynamic approach gives you agility, saves time, enhances compliance, and reduces the risk of overlooked defects, simplifying critical infrastructure management.

Transforming telecommunications: mastering network capacity challenges

Envision that you are the head of a national telco company tasked with managing network capacity planning across thousands of users depending on your network for seamless connectivity. 

You’re presented with a significant challenge: effectively predicting and accommodating fluctuating demand, continuously.

Traditional capacity planning methods often fall short, resulting in network congestion, dropped calls, and customer frustration. Additionally, manual processes and outdated software cannot adapt quickly to dynamic usage patterns, leading to inefficient resource allocation. Consequently, you face underutilised resources, expensive infrastructure upgrades, and the risk of losing customers to competitors with more adaptable networks.

This scenario underscores the need for an advanced solution, and this is where Biarri steps in. 

Leveraging cutting-edge optimisation algorithms, Biarri transforms network capacity planning into a precise and adaptive process. With Biarri’s algorithm-driven technology, you can anticipate demand shifts, optimise resource deployment, and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Unlock Success with Mathematical Optimisation

Addressing unique enterprise problems (UEPs) demands strategic solutions. Biarri embeds advanced mathematical models to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance scalability. Our approach ensures proactive adaptation, significant cost savings across the enterprise, and improved efficiency aligned with long-term objectives. 

At Biarri, we understand the importance of agile, cost-effective solutions that empower organisations to address their unique enterprise challenges swiftly and efficiently. That’s why our software solutions are designed to align seamlessly with operational budgets, enabling departments to invest in transformative technology without the need for extensive IT involvement or budget allocations. 

By partnering with Biarri, organisations can unlock the power of mathematical optimisation to streamline operations, reduce costs, and drive tangible business outcomes—all while maintaining autonomy and flexibility. 

We specialise in delivering enterprise-grade solutions without the complexity and high price tag of traditional enterprise systems.

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