Unique Enterprise Problems
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In any business landscape, enterprises face many challenges that can obstruct growth and operational efficiency. 

At Biarri, we call these unique enterprise problems (UEPs)—complex issues that no off-the-shelf  software solution can resolve. These problems often blend historical challenges with new, emergent issues and critically impact a company’s operations.

Addressing these challenges requires a leader in mathematical optimisation technology, and that’s where Biarri steps in.

This blog explores how Biarri’s mathematically-driven approach to optimisation solves UEPs, helping businesses achieve smarter planning decisions and maximum efficiency.

Defining Unique Enterprise Problems and Their Broader Impact

Unique enterprise problems are intricate and evade straightforward resolutions, largely because an off-the-shelf software solution can’t fix them.

What makes UEPs particularly daunting is their trickle-down effect on the entire business ecosystem. A bottleneck in supply chain management, for example, can lead to inefficiencies in production, delivery delays, increased operational problems, and, ultimately, poor customer experiences.

This interconnectedness means that effectively resolving a UEP doesn’t just fix the immediate issue—it boosts overall organisational resilience and triggers widespread improvements. Moreover, UEPs are mission-critical. Their resolution can define the future trajectory of the company, influencing everything from market competitiveness to internal morale.

The depth and breadth of these problems require a holistic approach that incorporates advanced mathematical models to understand and optimise the variables involved to the highest level of efficiency.

Unpacking UEPs: Examples from the Field

Now, let’s dive into real-world examples of UEPs across various industries. By exploring these scenarios, we aim to illustrate how intricate and pervasive these problems can be.

Solving UEPs around Staff Rosters and Home Care Visit Schedules

Imagine a nation-wide home care provider grappling with an ever-aging population and a shortage of qualified carers. Australian Unity faced the challenge of delivering high-quality care efficiently under these constraints. Their traditional approach, using Procura and manual processes for rostering and scheduling, was no longer sufficient.

The Unique Enterprise Problem:

  • Operational Inefficiencies: Planning staff rosters and home care visit schedules manually was time-consuming, costly and scored poorly on client and carer satisfaction.
  • Workforce Shortfall: The growing demand for home care services, combined with a national shortage of qualified carers, necessitated an innovative approach to workforce planning.

Recognising these challenges, Australian Unity partnered with Biarri to implement advanced workforce planning algorithms. This collaboration aimed to optimise staff rosters and home care visit schedules using a flexible delivery model and custom software solutions, involving:

  • Data Accuracy: Investing in the quality and accuracy of required data to ensure reliable optimisation outcomes.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrating Biarri’s software into Australian Unity’s technology stack to enhance existing processes.
  • Change Management: Effectively managing the transition to new processes to ensure smooth adoption and operation.
  • Optimised Rostering: Implementing a Biarri roster maintenance engine to maintain the benefits of an optimised roster continuously.

As of March 2024, the branches where Biarri’s solutions have been rolled out have seen significant performance improvements:

  • 15% reduction in the cost to service a home visit.
  • 15% reduction in average travel minutes per visit.
  • Increase in visits delivered as planned from 60% to 90%.

This transformation has not only streamlined Australian Unity’s operations but also enhanced the quality of care delivered, ensuring a more efficient and responsive home health service.

Resolving UEPs in Meat Sales and Production

Overwhelmed by the complexities of managing its mammoth operations, a global leader in the meat processing industry was struggling to adapt to the growing demands of a fiercely competitive international market.

Decisions needed to be swift and strategic, balancing the nuances of local market preferences with global logistics challenges. Failing to modernise and optimise would mean losing crucial market share.

This was the reality for Alliance Group, who recognised the need to overhaul their meat sales and production planning approach. The company, processing over 87 million lambs and sheep per year and exporting to 65 countries, faced significant challenges:

  • Complex decision-making: Juggling over 1,200 products with different market demands and production complexities.
  • Maximising profitability: Identifying the most profitable orders and optimal meat-cutting specifications to maximise revenue in a highly competitive market.
  • Enhanced control and scalability: Managing expansive operations across multiple processing plants, requiring unprecedented levels of control and visibility.

Alliance Group partnered with Biarri to develop a web-based tool using quantitative analytics. Biarri provided tailored consultation and development, collaborating closely with Alliance’s experts. Their approach prioritised mathematical modelling before IT development, resulting in a strategic tool built on the Biarri Workbench and AWS services. This transformative solution enabled Alliance Group to excel in meeting global market demands, showcasing the profound impact of sophisticated optimisation tools on large-scale operational challenges.

Solving UEPs in Delivery Logistics

Across various urban landscapes, numerous companies struggle with the complexities of designing efficient delivery routes.

Imagine being dependent on outdated, manual methods and facing the immense challenge of meticulously planning every piece of the delivery puzzle for optimal efficiency. Each decision (from determining zones and territories to assigning specific routes to each truck) is critical and holds significant implications for operational success.

To address these complicated enterprise problems, Biarri partners with companies worldwide, providing data-driven solutions that transform delivery logistics. Biarri’s suite of optimisation tools includes:

  • Network optimisation: Sophisticated algorithms that analyse and optimise the flow of goods through expansive networks, ensuring the most efficient paths for delivery.
  • Run+Route optimisation: Route planning that helps companies plan optimal pick-up and delivery routes that minimise transport costs and maximise delivery efficiency.
  • Advanced analytics and scenario analysis: Enabling companies to rapidly run scenarios and quantify the impacts of different decisions, providing deeper insights and empowering precise operational decisions.

Biarri’s advanced optimisation software has globally transformed the route planning processes of numerous companies at scale, marking a pivotal shift from manual to automated, data-driven systems. This transformation addresses the critical UEP of delivery logistics optimisation, tackling the inherent complexities of delivery logistics with unmatched accuracy and efficiency. 

By highlighting how sophisticated optimisation tools can tackle such challenges, Biarri’s solutions showcase their potential to turn operational hurdles into opportunities for enhanced efficiency and competitive advantage in the logistics sector.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities with Advanced Maths

At Biarri, we understand the importance of agile, cost-effective solutions that empower organisations to address their unique enterprise challenges swiftly and efficiently. That’s why our software solutions are designed to align seamlessly with operational budgets, enabling departments to invest in transformative technology without the need for extensive IT involvement or budget allocations. 

By partnering with Biarri, organisations can unlock the power of mathematical optimisation to streamline operations, reduce costs, and drive tangible business outcomes—all while maintaining autonomy and flexibility. 

We specialise in delivering enterprise-grade solutions without the complexity and high price tag of traditional enterprise systems.

To demonstrate our confidence in our capabilities, we invite you to take the Biarri Challenge: If we can’t solve your most formidable UEP or enterprise-level operational problem, you’ll receive a $50 Uber Eats voucher. Put us to the test today!

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